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    Coldplay on MTV Japan - in pictures

    Coldplay on MTV .

    Japan were ready for their last taste of Coldplay this year presumably, at the MTV Video music awards, as revealed beforehand. Coldplay performed both singles from the latest album, Ghost Stories during the award ceremony, which also featured Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. View the gallery below of the boys playing Magic and A Sky Full of Stars.


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    A photo of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, a Japanese singer, next to Chris Martin also surfaced! (thanks gai)




    vimnasiapress described Coldplay on MTV as 'pure Magic' and posted a brilliant review of the night in Japan :

    Coldplay wowed the audience with a spellbinding performance from Ghost Stories, the fastest selling album of 2014, backed by a projection of awe-inspiring imagery around the band, delivering an immersive blend of lasers, high-definition video, and dramatic staging. Opening with their lead single “Magic”, the emotionally engaging and contemplative rendition was set against a backdrop of an ocean calm atmosphere. Chris Martin continued to mesmerize fans as he broke into an acoustic guitar buildup in the middle of the song and hit all the high notes in the captivating piece.


    This was followed by their energetic and uplifting performance of “A Sky Full of Stars”, part piano ballad and electronic dance music (EDM) track, mixed in with Coldplay’s signature sound, which featured their ‘ghost’ piano player. Their haunting performance was further illuminated by a starry atmospheric projection, which enchanted fans, especially when the song peaked into a breathtaking view of an explosion of psychedelic lasers and a shower of star-shaped confetti drizzling on fans, and Chris Martin bounced on his heels and sang with increased excitement, leaving fans in a daze for more.

    Missed Coldplay's Japanese endeavors?

    If you need to catch up with Coldplay's performances in Japan this week, click on the links below!


    Coldplay in Tokyo for the latest leg of their intimate Ghost Stories tour




    Watch the live video of Coldplay on a Japanese music station, playing Viva La Vida and A Sky Full of Stars


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