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    Coldplay's 'Fix You' covered by over 40 artists worldwide to benefit Japan's Quake Relief efforts

    fixyouforjapan_1.jpgMulti-platinum selling band Simple Plan recorded their version in Canada. On the other side of the world, young 11 year old guitar prodigy Yuto Miyazawa laid down his guitar solo in Tokyo, Japan. In Ireland, the lead singer from the critically acclaimed band Sweet Jane recorded her vocals at a Dublin studio. And somewhere in between—at Singapore's Ocean Butterflies Studio—over 40 artists from all over the globe did their part by recording an Asian themed version of Coldplay's "Fix You" to benefit the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that shook the lives of so many on March 11, 2011, report the Mi2n Music Industry News Network today.


    The sale proceeds of the this track will go towards the Japanese Red Cross Society and Peace Boat, a Tokyo based charity which is helping with the country's rebuilding and rehabilitation efforts. "We would like to thank [everyone] for the outpouring of support we have received from the international music community. All of your support has mattered significantly to us in Japan," says Haji Taniguchi, Chairman of Music Publishers Association of Japan.

    The unprecedented event took place over a period of just 36 hours during the recently concluded Music Mattersconference and Music Matters Live with HP music festival, which was held in Singapore from May 26th-28th. "The net result, in my opinion, is a sonic masterpiece of loving art, born from the hearts and souls of all the participants, for the sole purpose of helping to relieve the suffering of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami of 2011," said veteran Los Angeles based producer Joseph Curiale, who not only oversaw and mixed the final version, but had a personal attachment to the outcome since he was actually in Japan when the earthquake struck.


    The concept for the single was conceived by Branded, the organizer of both the conference and music festival andUniversal Music Group. The Coldplay track was contributed by Universal Music, who will also be intimately involved in promoting and marketing the track. Festival sponsors HP were also a core company involved right from the start of the project and who seeded a number of the bands with HP products whilst on their way to Singapore.


    "As the world's second largest music market and number one in the Asia-Pacific, Japan has always been an important territory for us, so it's important for us to address the aftermath of the tragedy. The global music industry has always been integral in international disaster relief efforts and this is our chance to contribute something to help our friends in Japan," said Jasper Donat, President of Music Matters.


    Now in its sixth year, Music Matters is a four-day, five-night entertainment industry gathering held in Singapore (www.musicmatters.asia) a global outlook that offers a business gateway to Asia-Pacific, the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami tragedies were close to home and mind as the conference took shape. "Universal Music is committed to the Asian region and is pleased to be part of continued relief efforts for the Japanese people. We will contribute all our receipts associated with this project and are working closely with markets in the region to distribute the track for the benefit of the appointed charities and for Japan," said Sandy Monteiro, President, Universal Music Group (SEA).


    For Music Matters' sponsors HP, it was especially important that the charity single move forward smoothly so that relief efforts can continue for Japan's earthquake victims. "Our thoughts continue to be with the people who are rebuilding their lives in Japan. Through this collaboration, music and technology is cutting across borders to unite everyone who wants to lend a helping hand in rebuilding Japan. We would like to thank the artistes for coming together to record this and hope the song will be a source of inspiration for everyone," said Robin Seow, Vice President, Marketing, Asia Pacific and Japan, Personal Systems Group, Hewlett-Packard.


    All the performers gave their time willingly and for free in aid of this cause and those who could not be there physically sent in their sections digitally to the producer, Joseph Curiale, who then added them to the mix. Ocean Butterflies offered free use of their recording studios. The American-born Japan-based producer, composer and artist Curiale volunteered his time to produce and arrange the track. He was helped by co-producer Zennon Goh, associate producers Jeff Miyahara in Tokyo and Simple Plan's Sebastien Lefevbre who recorded Simple Plan lead singer Pierre Bouvier in Montreal Canada. The video was produced by Ed Bean and Scott Murphy at Siren Films. "This experience has been so extremely rewarding," said Simple Plan's lead-singer Pierre Bouvier. "Its great to see that by bringing together a small group of people we can actually make a difference. We're looking forward to seeing how this song inspires others to get involved in the rebuilding of Japan."


    The track incorporates Japanese instruments like the Koto (national instrument of Japan) and Shakuhachi (Japanese end-blown flute) and features everyone from emerging Asian artists like Singapore music ensemble 53A and Sixx, to music prodigy and guitar whiz Yuto Miyazawa, regional sensations Car Sick Cars (China) and Pentagram (India), as well as established international superstars Simple Plan and Canadian sensations These Kids Wear Crowns andSaidah Baba Talibah. "There were significant logistical challenges in producing this new recording of ‘Fix You'. It required many vocals being sent from a variety of countries in advance, and our having to create an international music mosaic from a distance," said Joseph Curiale.


    For 11 year old guitarist Yuto Miyazawa, the track also had special meaning. "I am honored to take part in this wonderful project and very thankful for all of the help and support given to Japan. Ganbarou Nippon! (Stay strong Japan!)", he said.


    For one of the charity recipients, "Fix You" will inject a much-needed impetus to the disaster relief efforts. Said Peace Boat Director, Yoshioka Tatsuya: "Peace Boat has been working in Ishinomaki, one of the worst-hit cities, since March 16. It's now three months since the earthquake and tsunami yet many are still living in shelters or are living in their ruined homes without access to hot food. Japan's hot summer is approaching and the affected areas are still strewn with mud and rotting fish and health hazards are increasing. There's so much work to be done and it is too big for Japan to handle alone. We're so appreciative of the support, solidarity and love that have been shown to the people of Japan from all over the world."


    "Fix You" was released to a limited audience on Friday 27 May 2011 at the Music Matters conference via the Music Matters App.


    The track is now available worldwide and the sale proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society and Peace Boat in Japan. "The devastation in Japan is something I can only imagine to comprehend but I have lost people close to my heart too. Singing those lines in Fix You came from that place of loss and hope. And the belief that we must protect the human spirit especially at its time of need. I can't think of a better song than Fix You to do that," said Aarika from the Singaporean band Sixx.


    Latest photos of Coldplay at the Beehive (end-July 2011): [thanks linkmestre]








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