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    Coldplay's Oracle discusses the future of GPASUYF and Talk in live sets

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    June 7, 2010 - submitted by Mike, United States of America

    Q. Are Coldplay going to go back to playing the album versions of Talk, GPASUYF? We fans miss those.

    The Oracle replies:

    Well I'm sure many fans do miss those original versions but there were a heck of a lot who loved hearing newer updated versions on the last tour! If those songs make it onto any future tour's set list it would be very doubtful they'd remain the same as for the Viva tour anyway. The same could be said for the acoustic songs also...

    June 7, 2010 - submitted by Karl, United Kingdom

    Q. Hi - I was searching online for Coldplay and came across a link to a Coldplay.com "IN MY PLACE members area" at "coldplay.com/html/members.shtml" - I entered my email address before I realised that this might not be legitimate. It didn't do anything apart from open up a window for 'tidalflow.co.uk' that seemed not to have much in it. Is this old content or is it someone doing something nefarious, but using or spoofing Coldplay's domain name? In the meantime I'll do a thorough virus check on my machine! Thanks.

    The Oracle replies:

    Don't worry Karl nothing bad will happen. That page is now defunct but was part of a very old official website incarnation many years ago.


    June 7, 2010 - submitted by Diamond, United States of America

    Q. Hello Oracle, I wanted to know if Guy had a Twitter, there is a guy on there with an account named GuyBerryman39. Is it Guy or is he a poser?

    The Oracle replies:

    Don't bother with anyone claiming to be ANY of the guys on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (apart from official band pages) etc. as every one is an imposter and not a member of Coldplay.


    June 4, 2010 - submitted by Jose, Mexico

    Q. Dear Oracle, A friend of mine who is an utmost fan of Coldplay (as me) suggested that I listen to Gold in Them Hills. He told me that it was one of their songs, but I have never heard of it. Could you help me out? Thanks.

    The Oracle replies:

    Don't worry, it's not a Coldplay song it's actually a track by

    . Their vocals compliment each other so beautifully and they actually performed this live together at Madison Square Garden back when Ron supported them.


    June 4, 2010 - submitted by Loa, United States of America

    Q. I know Coldplay is coming out with a new album. Does that mean that they are touring soon? P.S. Please come to America!

    The Oracle replies:

    Erm, there has been no official word on a release date so the album is not imminent. It's obviously in its recording stages but as yet that means it will be a while off any tour dates being announced!




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