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    Coldplay’s 'Speed of Sound' in Top 50 Realtones

    speedofsoundcover.pngStill debating on who should’ve got the #1 spot for the best song of 2006? What about the #1 Ringtone?


    Today, UnlimitedRingtones.com, a leading mobile content provider, released the top 50 most popular Ringtones “The Best of 2006″ list with the Mosquito Ringtone reaching the number 1 spot. The top ringtones list includes primarily real music versions of some of the most popular songs of 2006, which can be found at UnlimitedRingtones.com/Best-Ringtones-2006/.


    Real tunes versions of popular pop songs Feel Good Inc and Lose Control, Coldplay’s most successful single Speed of Sound, as well as TV and movie themes like Charlie Brown and Harry Potter were found among the Top 50.

    “Pop music has become mainstream for teens, and since this is the market with higher ringtones downloading rates, it was only logical to think that the top 50 ringtones list would include some of the top pop songs of 2006,” said Andrew Osmak, VP Mobile Ventures, UnlimitedRingtones.com.


    According to the latest monthly statistics by M:Metrics, a mobile market authority, 36.7% of all mobile subscribers in the US are teens ages 13-17 who use generated content and social networking applications on their phones including downloading or creating their own ringtones.


    However, even though pop songs reached the higher spots on the list, the UnlimitedRingtones 2006 Top Ringtone recognition was given not to a real tone version of a pop song, but to the Mosquito Ringtone, a 2006 teen sensation. The Mosquito Ringtone is audible only to teens and has reached high levels of popularity. Thanks to its particular sound wavelength, it can be used in places where phones are not allowed because the sound is undetectable by adults.


    For the complete list of the Top 50 most popular ringtones of 2006, visit UnlimitedRingtones.com/Best-Ringtones-2006/.


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