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    Fans left irate at seat errors at Coldplay's Singapore gig

    singapore.jpgAbout 60 Coldplay fans saw red at the multiple Grammy-winning band's sold-out concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Monday.


    They had paid the top-tier $251 tickets for the first and second rows, only to be told at the venue on the day that both rows did not exist. Ticketing agency Sistic had made a mistake. Ticket buyer Ahmed M. Didi, a marketing manager from Maldives, is fuming mad at being left in the cold.


    The 39-year-old Coldplay fan, who works in Singapore, had bought five of the most expensive tickets within an hour of their going on sale on Feb 16. Two of his friends flew in especially from Maldives for the show. Their joy at scoring seats in the second row quickly turned into a nightmare. Mr Didi said: 'I reached there about 7.30pm, then when we searched for our row, we found that the seats started only at row three, there was no row one or row two.

    'We were so puzzled, we asked them: 'What happened to row one and two?' The staff said there was a slight mistake, some error.'


    He was then offered seats further away from the stage. 'I said this is unacceptable,' he added. 'I have two friends who flew here from Maldives just to watch the show, and one of them is a pregnant woman. We can't just watch the show from the back when we paid for the first category of tickets.'


    But there was nothing the staff could do as the concert was sold out. Mr Didi and his friends left half an hour after the show started. Although Sistic told him that he will be fully refunded, the irate customer wants the ticketing agency to refund his friends' air tickets. Sistic rejected his request.


    Source: straitstimes.com

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