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    [Live Review] Coldplay - Sprint Center, Kansas City (13th November 2008)

    Coldplay played the Sprint Center, Kansas City last night. They played Glass of Water, which made it's setlist debut in the US.




    Life In Technicolor

    Violet Hill


    ptich3.jpgIn My Place

    Glass Of Water

    Speed Of Sound

    Cemeteries Of London

    Chinese Sleep Chant


    Fix You

    Strawberry Swing

    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (techno version)

    Talk (techno version)

    Green Eyes (Chris - piano instrumental)

    Postcards From Far Away (Chris - piano instrumental)

    Viva La Vida


    The Scientist (acoustic)

    Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic - Will singing)

    Viva La Vida (remix interlude)



    Lovers In Japan

    Death And All His Friends



    The Escapist (outro)


    [discussion] [photos] [videos] [wiki reviews/setlist] (updated over the next 24 hours)


    holy hell that show was fantastic...i was in section 221, the nose bleeds on the top row, as i was going to quicktrip with some friends a guy stopped and asked me "what was coldplay's first album" easy enough, i answered parachutes and he moved me and my 5 friends to the second row on the floor. we went from being unable to see the stage to having chris martin sweat on us. unbelievable night [thanks tyson]


    Just got back and it was awesome. Can't recall the entire set list, but it seems to more or less mirror the ones from the previous dates in other cities. They did play a song early on (I don't recall the name) and Chris said something to the effect of "First time in America for that one." Coolest part was that my wife and I were literally 5 feet from the little stage they set up out in the audience ("The Scientist" performance). Wooooooo!!!! And I got a high-5 from Chris as he ran back to the big stage. Got some cool pics on my cell phone camera. Mostly of the backs of their heads, but some profile pictures. Now, if I can just figure out how to get them from my camera to a computer.....


    More on this concert including reviews, videos and pictures here onwards.

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