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    Science of Big Brother Claims He's Written Coldplay Songs

    science.jpgThey were last on our screens months, even years ago but that hasn't quashed the heady ambitions of some former Big Brother stars. If their boasts are to be believed soon you could see Science - the outspoken Leeds rapper - on tour with Madonna, or even Michelle Bass - of Chicken Stu fame - travelling space and time with David Tennant.


    The Big Brother bunch were out in force last night for Kinga ‘spin the bottle’ Karolczak’s 21st at London’s Eve club.


    And while raising a toast to the bawdy birthday girl, many were keen to tell all about their careers since leaving the Big Brother house.She got it on with Stu the student and was labelled a bunny boiler because of it.

    And now she plans to get her claws into Doctor Who. She said: "I’m trying to concentrate on my acting. I’m filming a sci-fi flick this summer called Mind Flesh. I play a goddess whose flesh is hanging off. I’m the only name in it but it’s a start. I would so love to do what Billie Piper is doing though. I’d like to play that role. I loved Doctor Who when it was Christopher Eccleston but I really like the new actor. That’s something to aim for."


    Science [pictured] caused waves in last year’s reality show with his constant feuds with other housemates. But now he’s turned to his first love – music. And he claims he has already penned tracks for Madonna and Coldplay.


    "I’ve got a song coming out in August called Power To The People by me, Citizen Science," he revealed. "After that I’m doing a house album called Expect The Unexpected because no one expects Science to do a house record."


    He continued: "I’ve also written a track that would be perfect for Madonna. I think what she’s done with her dance stuff is amazing. I’d love to go on tour with her."

    And Madge isn’t the only one to get an A+ from Science. He said: "I’ve also got a track I’ve done with Coldplay in mind. I’m going to send it to them."


    Science left with this thought: "I’m all about playing live music to live people. And if they’re not live, well, my music will even wake the dead."


    Tory boy Derek Laud also turned up to wish Kinga many happy returns. But there was no word on whether he's planning on becoming PM.


    More on this here [thanks mimixxx]

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