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    The Oracle discusses Coldplay's early career, Shiver, Muse, Devon, Buenos Aires.

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    October 12, 2010 - submitted by Bill, United States of America

    Q. Hello, I have a question about Coldplay's early career, like the very beginning. Did making many friends ( by friends I mean other musicians in other bands) help Coldplay get famous through contacts, being able to open for other bands, etc. at all? And if so, how much? How important was it for them?

    The Oracle replies:

    They didn't really make friends with established bands until they were themselves established. They certainly made impressions on many in their early days, notably Travis, Embrace, Muse and lesser known bands who offered support via opening slots at live shows or just talking about them to the media. Radio and press helped a lot by giving them a platform at their specialist events such as the NME tour and Steve Lamacq - then at Radio 1 - chose the band to open for Catatonia at Kentish Town's Forum. It was important to be recognized as a band to watch and certainly gave them a wider audience although they were already receiving airplay and earning exposure.

    October 12, 2010 - submitted by Edie, United Kingdom

    Q. What happened to the postcards from far away that were sent in by fans?

    The Oracle replies:

    As you obviously know Edie, fans on Coldplaying.com decided to send postcards to the band from all over the world; one day early in 2009 they were delivered to The bakery where the boys perused the postcards and our very own Roadie #42 was there to capture the whole thing on video.


    October 11, 2010 - submitted by Selma, Sweden

    Q. I have a riddle for you. What song from the Viva album can be associated with today's date, i.e. October 10, 2010?

    The Oracle replies:

    Of course I didn't answer yesterday as it was Sunday and if you're interested I was in Paris. The answer to your riddle is the same as the answer to this: guess what number my hotel room was? Yup, 42! The tenth day of the tenth month in 2010 is 10.10.10 and when that is converted in to binary it produces the number 42.


    October 11, 2010 - submitted by Saulo, Mexico

    Q. Two questions dear Oracle: Why Coldplay supported Muse in 2000 and not Muse supported Coldplay? (I love Muse as well tbh :D) And is there a Rodie #41 or a #43? if so, why exactly the #42 is the one who became famous?

    The Oracle replies:

    Back in 2000 both bands were relatively new but Muse had released their debut album already and Coldplay hadn't. Therefore Muse's profile was higher and as the bigger band they headlined their own show with Coldplay supporting.

    There isn't a Roadie #41 or #43; the number was assigned to the roadie but one ould say it was his destiny...


    October 11, 2010 - submitted by Charlotte, United States of America

    Q. Hi Oracle, I notice that what you are listening to right now - in response to Ian - has a lot of apostrophes. I notice this because I am reading a grammar stickler's take on punctuation and how awful it's becoming in society. (i.e. A certain car dealer on a street near here - "Car's Truck's Van's") What's your take on...well, punctuation in general? (The book is "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" - very amusing)

    The Oracle replies:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you; it's a great book. My major gripe is very similar - grocer shops who offer potato's! Madness! That said I do have one difficulty with the punctuation in my answer to Ian... I know some people would prefer the use of an extra s after Hurts' and Villagers' for example but I can't abide the thought.


    October 8, 2010 - submitted by Susie, United Kingdom

    Q. I heard that Shiver was recorded in one take, was it?

    The Oracle replies:

    Shiver was recorded more than once during the album's studio process, however the version on the album is, in fact, the first take. Ken Nelson who worked with Coldplay on Parachutes gives some great insight.


    October 8, 2010 - submitted by Ian, United States of America

    Q. Dear Oracle, Read, listened to, or seen anything good lately? Hope your autumn is going splendidly! Best Regards, Ian

    The Oracle replies:

    Super autumnal sun today Ian. So, my tips right now... I was a bit sceptical reading Eat Pray Love because it's seen as a woman's book. However GQ (men's magazine - Gentlemans Quarterly in fact) said "it's not just for the ladies" and I have an interest in both subject matter and travel in general so I'd recommend it. Current music playlist includes John Grant's Queen of Denmark, Hurts' Happiness, Villagers' Becoming A Jackal and The National's High Violet. I had the pleasure of watching a Badly Drawn Boy in-store performance this week at Rough Trade East to promote his great new album. Toy Story 3 was another Pixar hit at the cinema, loved it! Watched Julie & Julia on DVD last night and had many dreams of Paris & cooking; again interesting subject matter to me - Bon appetit!


    October 7, 2010 - submitted by Elise, Argentina

    Q. Dear Oracle, I was staying at the band's hotel in Buenos Aires and there were a lot of screaming fans outside the pool area trying to get a look at the boys, what is one of the more extreme things fans have done to try and meet the band?

    The Oracle replies:

    Some fans call the hotel and try to get put through to their rooms which I would hate, oh hang on, that DID happen to me but luckily I was out!! There have been times where fans check into the same hotel as the band but other than wait outside various locations around the world (venues, studios, tv/radio stations and hotels) the fans are respectful so don't do anything extreme.


    October 7, 2010 - submitted by Vanessa, United States of America

    Q. Greetings Oracle! I was just wondering since Chris and all the members of Muse were all raised in Devon, if by any chance they met before being famous? And also if they have ever worked together? I think that would be amazing since they are both my favorite bands! Thanks Vane!

    The Oracle replies:

    Devon is quite a large county so they hadn't met previously. Chris wasn't part of a Devon music scene at the time that Muse were gigging (as another band) the circuit. Both bands performed at the In The City music convention in 1998 and as you are probably aware, Coldplay supported Muse in 2000.


    October 6, 2010 - submitted by Gabriela, Paraguay

    Q. Did Coldplay ever play Bittersweet Symphony at a concert?

    The Oracle replies:

    On 2 July 2005 Coldplay invited The Verve's Richard Ashcroft to perform the song with them at the Live 8 concert. They only managed one rehearsal beforehand. Chris introduced Richard as "the best singer in the world" and he described the song as "probably the greatest song ever written".




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