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    12 Months Of Coldplay 2009: SEPTEMBER (four UK cities visited)

    september.jpgSeptember. Where do we start? I think all fans felt we were coming to an end of an era. The Viva La Vida era can be seen as a success. The last show of the tour signalled the end of what can be described as a mammoth carnival. The Viva La Vida tour was finishing.


    As Coldplay fans what’s the one thing we have been looking forward to? A live tour DVD! And on the 4th of September, are good friends in Catalonia (Barcelona for you people who failed Geography at school) thought they were going to be the lucky ones. "Coldplay are apparently filming tonight's Barcelona concert for a live DVD, Spanish media newspapers are widely reporting this morning. 63,500 tickets for tonight's concert at Barcelona's Olimpic Stadium have been sold since April and the venue is now a total sell out."


    According to the sources, the filming process will take place with a sophisticated camera system that includes a very high crane installed outside the stadium to capture aerial views of the show. It is as yet unknown whether this news will be officially confirmed or if the DVD will also include footage from other stadium shows, including Paris and Wembley.

    So we come to the final gigs, Wembley stadium and take it from me...stunning. Coldplay can take great credit for their choice of support acts. In particular Jay-Z – he showed why he is the biggest rapper on the planet, he had the crowd to their feet, I saw old men making that famous diamond shape. The show on the 19th – well they were amazing, Chris was physically drained but he gave it everything, and one image which will stick in my mind forever as I looked at the big screen, Phil Harvey came onto stage and they got into a huddle which showed the togetherness of the group and bond that they have is matched by no other band on the planet...


    Read the full September 2009 Coldplay review article in the Coldplay forum here [thanks cleeson7]



    The final Wembley stage group huddle


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