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    Coldplay Tease New Music in Short Video Clip!

    Coldplay have teased new music with a short 15-second video clip on social media this morning.




    Coldplay are back! After nearly four long years since we first heard the teasers for A Head Full of Dreams, the band have returned to treat us once again!




    Over the past month, fans have been speculating when Coldplay would return to the music scene. An insider at the Daily Star led fans to believe that Coldplay would release new music in November and a second album in 2020. New music was all but confirmed as Coldplay updated their social media to match the new era.




    Posters began to appear around the world showing the band in a vintage setting and the date 'November 22, 1919' written above. This led fans to believe that the band's new 'experimental' album would take on a genre of Jazz!




    However, following this mornings teaser clip, the euphoric orchestral sound slightly contradicts this belief. Radio DJ's and critics have been getting early access to the new single with one DJ from Mix100 Denver saying "I was able to hear some new Coldplay stuff that hasn't been released yet. It was good, and what impresses me about that band is that they are always able to reinvent themselves.".







    Fans on Coldplaying have been discussing the teaser clip all morning!




    Love what i heard. Classical -Revolverwin




    I'm not 100% convinced it's direct, actual sample of album music, but I would imagine it's indicative of the theme. In which case...let's fu*&ing goooooo -JC90




    I got into coldplay thanks to viva's string... this is just great! -MickCas




    Wow that sounds great - I agree with the person who said it might not be an extract from a song, but I so, so hope it is. Either way I like the way this album is looking! -Vitamin Z




    The start of the clip is veeeery similar to MMIX, imo it sounds lovely! -AnnaElisabeth




    I’m getting VLV vibes and I’m here for it!!! I always think we should have another album like VLV as that era that so much potential - one album and an EP wasn’t enough. So I was kinda disappointed we jumped quickly into MX. SO YEAH BABY. BRING IT ON! -shred




    Viva Part 2? Well, whether that is the case or not, I'm loving these classical, antiquated vibes. Even if the clip is not an extract from the album, it may very well be a hint at what to expect. -42Escapist




    It's very fresh, I also believe this snippet must be the end of this song and also if you remember how they teased previous singles, I'd bet this song will be out by Wednesday. Viva vibes all over the place, but also influence from something I cannot put my finger on just yet - 30s classical music? -Miha





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