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    Chris Martin performs U2 classics at historical RED show

    Chris Martin performs U2 classics at historical RED showAt the World AIDS Day (RED) concert at Times Square, New York last night, Chris Martin, along with the likes of Bruce Springsteen had their chance to become the frontman of U2 for one show only! The Irish band's lead singer, Bono is still in recovery from his bike accident a few weeks ago and his close friends, Chris and 'The Boss' helped to create a memorable show in the name of a very important cause. Read about the build up to the event hereU2, with Chris Martin as their temporary frontman in the absence of Bono performed the two classics, Beautiful Day and With Or Without You. You can watch the highlights below.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAVAukNE7AYIt was a huge task for Chris, especially as Beautiful Day didn't match his vocal style but he certainly stood up to the situation and showed his humorous side with 'Substitu2' shirt he was donning, underneath his leather jacket. Chris-RED-u2Thanks to @silvanamigliozz for the image aboveChris was in a very inspired mood and uttered out the words that indicated that one of his dreams came true that night as he performed with the very band he idolized growing up.

    "Dreams come true for all young & old people alike"

    Coldplay's frontman sang to the most famous of U2 classics, With Or Without You! in what was arguably the highlight of the historical evening. Chris Martin put his heart and soul into the performance, summed up perfectly by the image below.Chris Martin and U2 - with or without youJust before leaving the stage, the leader singer of Coldplay expressed his thanks to The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen JR as well as sending his love to Bono!chris-martin-edgeThe whole event escalated very quickly with both sets of U2 and Coldplay fans only finding out approx. 5 hours before the RED event was due to take place, due to Bono's recovery. Many fans were bewildered by the announcement and it was met with huge delight through the Coldplaying community. Let us know what you think by voting below![socialpoll id=2235077]The charity event for World AIDS Day also included Carrie Underwood, Kayne West. Remember to donate and pledge your support for RED :

    Well that was quite a moment. If you enjoyed it, please donate at http://t.co/wsH7zpZEpF. A #onestep4RED @RED pic.twitter.com/lYEgrf8cn5

    — Coldplay (@coldplay) December 2, 2014
    RED Live Event - U2 - Chris Martin - The Boss

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