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  1. Soon. Trying to see if I can get about 25 pins up first. Almost there
  2. I forgot to list my own: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA MYLO XYLOTO
  3. See New Map Project on new thread: https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/coldplayer-world-map-2-0.112394/
  4. I’VE GOT TO TELL YOU WHAT A “STATE” I’M IN: Hey Everybody, hope all is well. Some of you may remember this map project I did about 3 years ago (time flies) detailing Coldplayers and their locations around the world. The link is below if anybody wants to see it (hopefully it works): https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/cp-fans-around-the-world.104373/ Since we have a hiatus now with AHFOD tour being over (and it’s killing me) I was thinking of reviving the project in a slightly different way. I will clear the current map back to scratch. Simply tell me your location (ci
  5. This is a great production. The backwards ocean movement, the kaleidescope-like views of the trees and nature, etc. Really well done. Amazing the band will never just throw a song out there without thought or meaning and some sort of production. I love it. They care and it shows. Love the boys!:D
  6. I'm in as long as the time is good for me. Great idea!
  7. I'll be down there somewhere around 5:30 or so. Maybe 6. Bringing some family. Gonna hit Pats or Genos steaks before-hand. Even though I live here those steaks never get old. Did you guys see other shows? I saw the 2 NJ/NY and Boston too. Holy shit how great these guys are. I can't believe how many details they cover to put on the best show possible. I don't have to tell u guys, u already know, they aren't just there to collect a paycheck. They care and it shows!
  8. Hey hey we've communicated before with each other, didn't know u were going! Would love to meet and maybe hang out somewhere down near the stadium. I have 2 of my sons with me and are here from Philly so don't know the area. Apparently there is a pretty large shopping/restaurant area called Patriot Place next to the stadium??
  9. Any CPers tailgating before the show. I drove up from Philly today.
  10. Damn traffic killed me on turnpike! I'm in section 8D of the lot near the Verizon entrance. You guys inside yet?
  11. Hang tight my multicolored friend. On our way. Where are u ? Parked in lot ? Section?
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