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  1. Hello, fellow Coldplay fans. I have not been here for a long time to make any sort of announcement like this, but I have something I want to share with you all. Just before you ask- no this is NOT Coldplay related- but it’s very much in the interest of you all, and something I’m sure the guys in the band themselves would very much like the idea of- bringing people together. I am currently in the process of working on my first ever short film, titled ‘The Morning’. So far, I have shot 50% of it with two friends and I’m currently editing what I have filmed together. It was written by me, an
  2. wow you people are legit writing notes and everything...i love it
  3. ah, sure, fuck it, why not. the entire 'schedule' for this has gone tits up, so go ahead, my dude. post your mixtape on this thread though...due to the amount of people in the exchange i can't really DM yours to a certain person.
  4. christ. @cp3176 , a lot of this speaks to me. the voice inside your head? the fears of 'monsters' killing you as a form of it in earlier life? (for me, this was anything that was remotely 'scary' as a kid) the fact that sometimes that voice can be so loud that it ruins great times in your life? i reach out to you man. this isn't far off from the shit i've been going through.
  5. hello @I ran away , and all the other coldplayers who've had rough times. i want to tell you, my friend, that you are absolutely not alone in this, and we're all reaching out to hug you. as an album that talks about deep subject matter, i totally get that listening to EL in such a mood can worsen it. for me, personally, listening to music or watching tv/movies have been the solace to bring me out of dark places. believe it or not, i have had really bad anxiety throughout the last couple of years, and most recently, i was diagnosed with ASD. the days within this time have ranged from blissf
  6. i love your version, without a doubt. you are right in terms of what we have that the band have given us...but we could re-record sections or even try to use audio from live performances (obviously not the way i did it). i'm determined to get it closer, cause i feel like it can totally be if mulitple people get involved. it's just an idea, but it's one that's been in my head for ages.
  7. Hello fellow Coldplayers. Now, you may not be aware, but a couple of years back I decided to try and remake AHFOD (the album) and, to be honest, looking at the (sort of draft) result, I wasn't satisfied. I didn't dedicate myself to that project, had many issues with some of the tracks (some of which weren't even mine to begin with, they were done by other people), and overall, it was probably one of the most half-baked things I've ever done. One of the biggest annoyances on that 'remake' was my version of the title track, 'A Head Full Of Dreams', which I essentially just took out the bass t
  8. i reckon i'll post a review at some point in the near future, but as a whole, LP8 was a bit of an odd one. FAVS: Arabesque, Church, Trouble In Town, Daddy, title track, Sunrise, Bani Adam, Orphans (without the woo-woos) LEAST: WOTW/POTP, BrokEn (not really my cup of tea, but it's cool that they did something like this), Éko to me, this album's biggest problem is that half of the tracks feel too short, and some of the production is a bit wank (though, to be fair to them, it's a miles times better than AHFOD)
  9. course. if you want, i'll give you another 2 weeks or something. hope you enjoyed London, my dude, i'm very happy you got tix for that gig in the end :)
  10. @I ran away @The Jordanator @yoyo2000 the only person's mixtape i haven't recieved yet is @I ran away 's. but even if he has not completed it, we can still go ahead with the exchange. also feel free to download & review my tape, too. (link in first post :))
  11. well, it's finished (see top post for small disclaimer/s) https://mega.nz/#F!P0U1UIrS!xFw9fBaOhAk1xysxWbscZQ
  12. this is a reminder @I ran away & @yoyo2000 you need to send me your mixtapes very soon, preferably by the weekend. if not, then the exchange cannot happen.
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