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  1. has anyone managed to get it yet? there's nothing in the online shop. i thought 9am (GMT) might be the time...
  2. i completely agree. it's everything i hoped it would be. so happy
  3. http://www.nme.com/news/coldplay/25230 sounds pretty cool. chris played 4 songs. two bob dylan, one killers and a new song he wrote the night before called bucket for a crown.
  4. that's great! and youve got a really nice voice. defiantely doesnt grate.
  5. ok im sorry that u were offended but its so obvious it's a joke! do u think any of these things are true? 1) he likes fox hunting 2) he got paid 4 billion to call his baby apple 3) he talks to gwyneth through lawyers and estate agents 4) he does impressions of disabled people its called comedy!
  6. there are only two harmonies. but they are sung twice at different octaves. so kind of two part times two. the first one is the normal melody that chris sings which should be written in the sheet music. either guy or jonny backs up that melody. this is the harmony. will sings it live with either jonny or guy. you cna really hear the F note in the actual studio recording. Eb.....Eb........Eb......Eb....Eb....Eb.....Eb...Eb....Eb....F.......D.....D.........D........ tears stream down your face when you lose something you cannot replace. Eb.....Eb........Eb......Eb....Eb....Eb.
  7. excuse me you obviously dont know what you're talking about. i was fortunate enough to see jonny play this at abbey road about a metre away from me. i can promise u that he plays the 4th and 11th frets on the b string whilst the e is tuned flat. if u look at what he plays in the chorus then the rest of the strings E-B must be standard or he would be playing the wrong notes. it's one thing being rude when u are right but when u are very wrong its much worse.
  8. pretty sure chris plays all the his rythmn parts in the studio. you can just tell.
  9. i think you'll find it is just the top e which is flat. u can tell if u watch jonny play the verse and chorus bit and copy what he's playing then the rest of the strings need to be standard tuning
  10. he used a takamine ean10c arobtth he used a martin OMC 15e and now the gibson hummingbird
  11. the first scene was genius! thought chris was really sharp and funny. the fix you clip was a bit weird. went on quite along time. im not complaining but thought it didnt really fit with the programme. his cover at the end was lovely too.
  12. Happy Birthday to Politik! 5 years old today!
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