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  1. Rik Simpson confirmed to me on November, 17th he was still mixing the tracks...
  2. Hi guys! I've created this video improving the graphic quality and using a rebuild audio part (thanks to Mauro Longo for this!). This video has been intended to be as close as the official one, never released. This is a tribute for the best band in the world. Ever. Enjoy!
  3. Any differences you can heard between the Amazing Day audio in the visual video and the version on the album?
  4. Hi guys, any news about this gig? http://mix1041.cbslocal.com/tickets-on-the-20s-mix-beach-house/?cid=twitter_Mix1041 Thanks!
  5. The performance will be recorded on Dec, 2nd and will be broadcasted three days later...
  6. You are one of the most important band in the whole music history and you always enlighted your path, but... which was the worst moment in your career, the point that seemed to be the final step of your journey?
  7. I think the're sampling a Coldplay song. All the four Coldplay members are credited with an 'A' next to their names, so they are just the authors. Moreover, every artist credited on that song could be related with X-Factor ambients. Maybe it's a project that involves Coldplay and other artists to promote a new X-Factor edition somewhere.
  8. Nice rendition of what you think about Coldplayzone. I'm really sorry for your strange vision of my website. In reality, we are not journalists (nor monkeys indeed) but simple fans telling some stories based on what is surfing on the web. Obviously, Coldplayzone has not to be liked by everyone here and there but please don't speculate about our purpose, our 'mission' and about the way we want to propose the news and all the stuff related to Coldplay. If you like, ok, but if you don't like don't defame us. About the single release, True Love is currently in the playlist of several radios from Saturday and today we will (probably) have the video coming. August, 18th was reported as the single release date because it was taken from this link: http://www.coldplay.com/recordings/true_love/ We're not inventing the story, we're not throwing poop, we're just reporting what everyone could fin on the web with a little attention...
  9. coldpatrix


    No, it's real, but not that promo I'm looking for (the one with the Radio Edit)...
  10. coldpatrix


    It's not the real one. There's another with the Radio Edit version (4:18)...
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