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  1. Hello to everybody. Question: do exists a Radio Edit of Higher Power?
  2. If you pay attention on the pronunciation of every letter, you can hear that every word starts with the correspondent letter: for example, the first letter that appears has a pronunciation that starts with A, then the second with B, the third with C and so on...
  3. Yes... I was preparing the post but they were faster than me! 😁
  4. BOOM GUYS! If you go on the main signal on Alienradio.fm for some seconds, you can now access to a video! That's the video: https://www.alienradio.fm//wp-content//uploads//2021//04//Kaotican.mp4 I think it's like an alphabet about how to pronounce the letters...
  5. Coldplay officially changed the profile pic on Spotify, putting the sphere with the new text for Higher Power image
  6. And... as I reported on my Twitter account, Xylobands could be involved in the project
  7. This is taken from my Instagram account. I've informed them that 'their fun' was a lot of work for us! 😂
  8. I'm back too. I've also changed my signature after years, Stephen! 😂
  9. I'm pretty sure that next Thursday or Friday we will have the official single announcement and on May 7th we will have all the info about the new album. They will disseminate hints on every official social profile, so we will have two intense weeks ahead! 🙂
  10. Btw, May 7th is National Space Day. I don't think it's a coincidence...
  11. I'm pretty sure that the image in signal.svg represents a combination of two words (and not some coordinates). The reasons are the following: we have two separators; why put the separators if you are really sure that they are coordinates? it seems like a repeating message, composed by two words (3 and 7 letters). The words contain different letters the dots and the squares are divided by blank spaces, so probably are different entities like letters and not numbers to be put in a sequence
  12. Here the transcription of the Italian signal: Nasce il 15 Febbraio 1564 vicino a Pisa. Suo padre era un musicista e quando andò all’Università studiò medicina, per poi passare alla filosofia e alla matematica. Dopo l’università divenne professore di matematica ed iniziò a lavorare su esperimenti che includevano la velocità con la quale degli oggetti differenti cadono al suolo. Nel 1609 seppe che qualcuno, in Olanda, aveva inventato un telescopio. Nonostante ciò, non riuscì mai a vederlo di persona ma seppe comunque costruirne una versione migliore ed iniziò quindi a fare molte scoperte as
  13. Rik Simpson confirmed to me on November, 17th he was still mixing the tracks...
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