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  1. Just found to some really interesting things concerning links for the new single/album!!!!! So looking at Coldplay's twitter page, we see in the links in the description for Ghost Stories Era merchandise. Example: "New concert film & live album, Ghost Stories Live 2014, out now. CD/DVD/Blu-ray http://smarturl.it/Live2014 iTunes http://smarturl.it/Live2014iTunes " So, what happens when we replace the so-called hashtags for the new album and single?? Something VERY COOL HAPPENS!!!! http://smarturl.it/AOAL http://smarturl.it/AHFOD http://smarturl.it/AHFODiTunes This wou
  2. That drop defiantly is something I've been looking for by Coldplay. Tracks off of AROBTTH and X&Y definitely have some of those harder guitar effects, but if there is more to this than just the beat, this song will definitely take the cake.
  3. This sort of sound is very similar to MUTEMATH's newest work, Monument. Go give it a listen on iTunes or YouTube. Not at all trying to call out Coldplay on copying material (because they didn't, this is fuckin' awesome sounding) just providing some similar material for those who need something to tide them over!
  4. I wouldn't be surprised. We could be looking at any time really; I doubt that it has some formula to it.
  5. We should definitely see something within the hour. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Although I would love to see Coldplay have a successful album release, what I would really love to hear is some quality music again. It's embarrassing looking at the material put out over the span of the last two albums; especially Ghost Stories. Granted I know it was the "break-up" album, but honestly, give me some real talented music again! All of Parachutes through Viva and even some of MX was great!!! Rather than be on the lookout for a chart-topper, I want to hear some real musicianship again!
  7. Although I'm a long time lurker, this is my first time posting! Fan since the Viva la Vida era and I must say, I cannot contain my excitement anymore! Cannot wait to see what this week holds, and erm... what the hell is that??? A tracklist???? I'm calling bull on this.
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