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  1. Coldplay has said they don't pay attention to critics, and though that may be so, a 50% drop in sales from an album released a year before is something they will definitely notice. I don't think Coldplay will ever break up and will make music for decades to come... But I think this era will end with this tour.
  2. Im sure they were waiting for sales predictions and when it was revealed to be such low numbers, they panicked and pulled the trigger on the streams. Im surprised they didn't shut down streams completely.
  3. Im sure they were waiting for sales predictions and when it was revealed to be such low numbers, they panicked and pulled the trigger on the streams. Im surprised they didn't shut down streams completely.
  4. Same... I mean, freaking Ghost Stories sold more then that and it was supposed to be the "low key" album. I really like the new album, but the mainstream audience wants an edgier sound. I happen to be a Weeknd fan, and I know there is a lot of hate for him, but if you really listen to his pop songs, they are far edgier then most pop songs. Coldplay's songs are too light and happy to appeal in a RnB-heavy mainstream audience. Perhaps why Ghost Stories sold so much is because there was a lot of buzz over a darker sound... Not to mention, they had horrific promotion in America. Ghost Stories was
  5. I originally said this album would better received then the last few albums... imma eat my crow now :( these mediocre 3/5 reviews, along with only 150,000 to 200,000 projected sales, I'd say will end pop coldplay. They will take a five years hiatus, like U2, and then come back with fresh ideas without the mainstream audience in mind.
  6. If the oldplayers want to have their corner of negativity they can. I personally can't see how they think X&Y is better then MX or even the new album. X&Y was an over produced cluttered album filled with too many songs that were too long and sounded the same with the same shitty lyrics that old players complain about these days. Now if that's harsh, that's what Coldplay fans like me who likes all their music sees ur guys reaction. Honestly, x&Y has a few good songs I revisit (Fix you, low, white shadows, square one) but MX has (paradise, etdiawf, Charlie Brown, HLH) which imo are j
  7. This album is a strong pop album. People keep wanting to classify Coldplay as rock, and they may be considered pop-rock which is fine... But let's look at the facts: Direct, simple lyrics Electric drums with bassy kick Bass in the front of the mix Heavy synths Pop structure in all songs almost Some trap elements in HFTW and XMTS This is a pop album, but a pop album influenced by edm and hip-hop (especially trap). So don't compare this too even MX or ghost stories. This is ane entirely new beast. 1. AHFOD - 8.5 Bombastic, dancey riff and beat, and good lyrics start this album off
  8. Tbh, this fanbase is filled with people who do not appreciate pop production or pop trends. I think this album is fantastic, at least a 7.5-8 for me. I keep hearing about the electric drums, and pop production, and all that... Listen to the weeknd or any hip-hop influence act or edm act... They all have loud bass drums and snare. I understand you don't have to like it, but just say it how it is. Don't say its their worst album for sure cuz it sucks, say u dont like the genre they are playing. Its pop with rock influence.Rn the two reviews its gotten are 4/5s. Expect acclaim from critics.
  9. Ghost stories actually has some really nice production imo. X&Y and MX have some horrid production. This album isnt as good as GS and light years away from Viva and a rush, but its good imo
  10. For me, this ranks between Ghost Stories and AROBTTH. 1. viva 2. AROBTTH - - - 3. AHFOD - 4. Ghost stories 5. Parachutes - 6. MX 7. X&Y
  11. 1. Birds 10 2. Amazing Day 10 3. AOAL 9.5 4. HFTW 9 5. Kaleidoscope 9 6. Army of One 8.5 7. AHFOD 8.5 8. Up and Up 8 9. Fun 7 10. Everglow 7 11. X marks the spot 3
  12. Haha so long ago, been a busy year since then! And nice to meet you to :) I personally think the production is good. Not as good as viva or AROBTTH, but better then X&Y and MX
  13. X marks the spot does not deserve to be listened to
  14. Can we confirm from listening to iTunes versions of everglow and AOAL that the production of the leaked version isnt a great as the released version? Also, what do people think of the production?
  15. Army of one is one of my fav songs. People in pop have started to trend towards that vocal cutting done, but I love how (I think) it says "Away, away, Go now". And the synths are just cool. I like synth pop and its a great 7.5 song
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