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  1. Life In Technicolor + Great opener one of their best, love the Indian and Indie vibes, the Drumming is some of Will's most rocking and how the final chord rings into Cemeteries of London is great ^^ -It's too short luckily Life In Technicolor ii exists :D XMarksTheSpot [emoji23] Those Who Are Dead Are Drifting Through Outer Space~
  2. Well that's good :3 Eh it was Christmas :)
  3. I second this notion. And I hope you had a wonderful Christmas? :) (I apologize if it's late btw)
  4. Same here but me being who I am will sway them If I see an opening... ^^
  5. I love this line of throught I truly do. My whole thing is stay positive, informed and open to anything. And reject the haters and negativity.
  6. Dont worry I will and everything you said my thoughts exactly. My whole reason I really love IV was... Lucas used WWII gun camera phototage to make the starfighter battles look real and timeless. Stop motion and that made the Death Star scene a classic piece of film history. He used the 1940 Battle of Britain stock for the X-Wings diving in. The whole turn over and dive was what the RAF pilots would do with their Spitfires and Hurricanes at the start of a bomber shoot down or dogfights with Me109s. Super fan over here btw. Also Ben Burt the sound designer since IV is a genius. I really love hi
  7. I can relate with this. I saw II and III in theatres for my birthday as a kid. (May 16th and both came out around or on that date.) So I was definitely immersed in the hype back then. I saw the Original Trilogy a bit later and it still wows me everytime I watch it. Those movies are what made me love the Star Wars universe. (The Empire has always been my favorite faction btw.) I'm a gearhead so I love the technology in the SW franchise. But I prefer the OT over the PT tech. Then after I read Timothy Zahn's trilogy I became a diehard fan. But to me VII was unnecessary and unwarranted. I'm more o
  8. 42 Moving To Mars Atlas X&Y And Twisted Logic. Oh and I Ran Away cause of a certain someone LOL. EDIT: Spies, Crest Of Waves, Sleeping Sun, Green Eyes, Things I Don't Understand, The World Turned Upside Down and definitely Prospekts March as well.
  9. Couldn't agree more! :) The first time I listened to it I was like huh, "Where is the rest of the song" :confused: when it ended. It needs to be longer IMO but at the same time I kinda like how it's short.
  10. I swear it's Will that's his voice!
  11. Eh I'm on the fence about it. I mean J.J. Abrahams is not exactly my favorite director. Also I just think of all the hype Episode I got and well you know...
  12. And the mix of clean and dirty playing on HLH is just great :D
  13. Especially his backing tracks and the layering he does at the end of ETIAW ^^
  14. Not really life has thrown me many curve balls :p Yeah two Washington (Never been but it looks gorgeous!) and Texas for nostalgia reasons :D
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