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  1. Hmm...hard one! A huge tie between Birds, Hymn and Adventure perhaps. But this is one of those albums I usually listen from start to finish :)
  2. I hope so too! I´ve not seen them either. Here´s to hoping we´ll both see them again, perhaps in 2017? :)
  3. Hey there :) Thanks, Diego. Im afraid I may not be "back" per se. Im still busy :/ But Im checking the forums when I can :) Hope all is well with you and that you got to see the boys live! :D
  4. Thanks for the great review! I am moving out myself from the only place I´ve ever lived in as an adult, so I know exactly what you mean regarding the stress, packing and the emotional stress! I am so glad you had that beautiful concert to give you much needed energy and joy! I´ve not been able to see Coldplay live this tour yet, but watching the Rose Bowl show on video was a special treat: they always have this wonderful way of providing the silver lining just when you need it, no matter how dark the situation :)
  5. I enjoyed reading your review. Thanks for posting! And I so agree on the above. It has become increasingly hard to find wholesome entertainment, so much so that it´s now almost a rarity. Another reason, if we ever need more haha, to be a proud Coldplay fan :)
  6. I see both the Smilies and Coldplay smilies options, but no smilies at all are showing up for me now..maybe a temporary site error?
  7. Just finished watching it all. WOW! What an amazing tour and such a great gig in L.A! Really great audience: well done guys, to whoever was present yesterday, fantastic experience! Thanks for singing extra loud for those who were not physically there :) I hope to be catching them live next year! :)
  8. Oh yes I remember both Radio 1 and Glasto, but yes I meant a "proper" AHFOD non-Festival gig, so this was the first one, thanks for confirming :) So great to finally be able to see the new choreography and all and the full show! :)
  9. I´ve not been able to follow anything Coldplay for many months :/ So Im asking you guys: is this the first "professional" live video we get of a concert in the AHFOD tour? I remember listening to Copenhagen live "professional" broadcast via radio, but it was only audio.
  10. Thanks so much for alerting about this link!! I can wake up and see the concert, while I was there yesterday in spirit! :)Thanks again!
  11. *TICKETS SALE* If someone still misses tickets or needs a couple more, I have updated my listing to: TWO tickets seats great view for $100 (for both) Section 19-L row 42 seat 1-2 Instant shipping via email.
  12. *ROSE BOWL L.A. TICKETS* (updated) If you or someone you know dont have tickets yet, here is a chance to get two tickets for great seats at only $100 Los Angeles, Rose Bowl on 20 August 2016 Section 19-L row 42 seat 1-2 $100 for both tickets Instant shipping via email.
  13. Oh yes you´re good with those riddles, much better than I ever was haha I miss you guys too :/ Thanks for letting me know about their next round: I did not know they were gonna do that! I hope to be able to catch that then :) :hug:
  14. Hey Nie :) Nice to see you too! I´ve been buried in work, no time for anything :/ I hope you get to see them live. Maybe I will be able to catch a future date, who knows. Thanks for your best wishes. I hope I sell them as well, it´d be sad if they went to waste! Hope all is well with you! *hugs*
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