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  1. wife and I are coming down from Cleveland, TN - our thrid show in ATL together! Can't wait. Looking for someone to tape the show
  2. would like a link as well please. thanks!
  3. I was in a Cd store in Knoxville, Tn called 'The Disc Exchange' and they had the fix you single, but i've still not seen any others around. :(
  4. I encourage change, if thats what keeps them going. You can't just keep doing the same thing over and over...change is a good thing. In my opinion at least. :cool:
  5. Does anyone know if any form of this will be released on iTunes? For that matter, anywhere in the U.S.? Many thanks :cool:
  6. Oct. 30 2005, April 7 2005, May 31 2003, March 10 2003, and the list goes on and on and on...... :cool:
  7. Most people record to DAT, thats where you can get the best quality. There are also MP3 recorders out there, and Mini Discs which I have seen people use. Mic's range from computer mics to professional recording mics. Hope this helps a bit. :cool:
  8. they do come out of the wood work for football...hmmm, go figure. btw, the austin city limits show may be one of the best sounding Aud's of the year so far. :wink3:
  9. why are georgia fans such [email protected]# holes? I lived in Knoxville for three years, had a hell of good time. Lived in Athens, had fun too... but c'mon...You cant tell me there arent hicks around there as well. as for the ATL show, its not up yet but keep lookin'
  10. I have about 20 or so shows, and can do a b+p if you like.... :cool: check my list
  11. Sorry all, I cant remember all of the setlist. Nothing to crazy, very similiar to the rest of the tour. I can say that, in my mind, it was almost flawless last night. Great performance! Now, who taped it???
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