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  1. F*** it i am going again. Just saw some tb posts of the show i was in and the view from the seats is incredible. Im thinking frankfurt or g├Âteborg
  2. Coldplay legit playing it cold skipping my country full of loyal fans again and again hahah .
  3. Finland needs to be a tour stop. Long time coming... a head full of dreams is doing really well here. Uup
  4. Random ass cities and venues! I did see ahfod once already tho but need a second round
  5. You know what, everything you said in this post is straight to the point - completely the truth and i love it.
  6. But i get it in the sense that, if you adore someone you adore them and you dont think too much outside of it. Just i love everything about the wit and honesty of the guys when ive seen some new interviews and that was a bummer
  7. I know but it really throws me off how they talked about her in thw james corden interview. Like shes this giant when literally every coldplay single in thelast decades been bigger than her tunes.
  8. I know im not the first to ask this but ive been on a roll of coldplay interviews after the show and chris has mentioned beyonce in every single one i think. I dont get it, coldplay pulls way more people but he kind of talks about it in a underdog perspective. Why? Also, all the superbowl shots on her instagram are her in the middle, half of chris etc and it pissed me off. But no hate im just curious
  9. Charlie Brown kicks ass whenever.
  10. LOL im not alone here then. I did run into a lot of finns coming to see coldplay around the city
  11. Were finnish too actually, terve! The biggest pet peeve for me was the standing but theres pros and cons to every seat/spot i believe and i DID get a good view of everything at some points so on paper, i should be completely satisfied. Fingers crossed for a quick run down to another tour, thinking about seeing more shows than one
  12. Have to add to that one - the sound especially was AMAZING.
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