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  1. Swallowed in the Sea is simply too cheesy for my liking, quite overrated imho. Sorry.
  2. Rick Astley's "50" is out on October 7th in the US, if anyone's interested.
  3. I know there are people that will play everything themselves in-studio and then go out on tour with session musicians, i.e. Rick Astley, Tom Chaplin, and Jeff Lynne's ELO.
  4. same here! it's one of the best songs I've listened to this year. This album, along with Rick Astley's, is very optimistic and I love it.
  5. 5 bucks says it's Hardened Heart as his first single.
  6. Good on you! I'm probably one of one fans in the US that are still in K-12 education :D. What really sucks is that I didn't really know Chris liked them until after they broke up in 2010, and they've only played near me once in 1986, when I was -16. This tour cycle they didn't come to the US so I guess I'll never be able to see them live :/
  7. Anyone else a fan of the three Vikings?
  8. Anyone saw Tom's facebook post? OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG SO EXCITEDDDDD :D
  9. Anyone heard 50 yet? Already #1 in Britain, really hope it goes to Top 10 in the US when it's released here.
  10. The radio edit is pure and utter crap. They've taken out about 1/2 of the second verse (goes straight from "lying in the gutter, aiming for the moon..." to "see the forest there in every seed"). They've taken out the second solo completely (up and up and up) and the piano in between. No "believe in love" either. Tl;dr -- a lot of what made the song beautiful (for me at least) is gone. Not cool, Coldplay.
  11. My first Coldplay concert (or concert in general) -- really excited! Also my first Levi's visit..you'd think I'd have been there already considering I'm a lifelong SFer.
  12. a-ha's Cast in Steel sounds really good. The strings, particularly.
  13. I'd like to see We Never Change come back. It would make a great C-stage song.
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