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  1. I'll still try to get a ticket. Not often a big band that I like are on my doorstep.
  2. PITCH STANDING & UNRESERVED LEVEL 1 SEATS £79.75 (£72.50) LEVEL 2 SEATS £104.50 (£95.00) UPPER TIER SEATS £71.50 (£65.00) REAR UPPER TIER SEATS £49.50 (£45.00) 80 quid for GA, oh my.
  3. GA means General Admission, so yeah just normal standing tickets.
  4. The roof will be closed, it is a proper roof, not a see through one. The Xylobands are going to look amazing. Good luck to everyone on Friday, hope I get a standing ticket!
  5. Shouldn't be long until they announce the dates, if Dublin and Brussels have been announced in a newspaper and on the radio respectively. If tickets go on sale this Friday for Cardiff, that'd be great. I have a day off from Sixth Form then.
  6. U2 first, Coldplay second.

  7. Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, surely. The roof will be closed for the full effect of the Xylobands. The CIA aka the Motorpoint Arenais too small. SO EXCITED after seeing them at Wembley 1. I only thought that seeing them in Wales was a pipe dream. Would be great if they mentioned the fact that they recorded a bit of Parachutes in Monmouthshire and of course that Jonny grew up in North Wales! I had a mini heart attack when the gif went through the flags then showed Wales at the end.
  8. I only asked whether he was ill because I saw on twitter someone say that he was ill. I thought I'd ask here because some of the people here might have better knowledge. Cant I comment in the setlist party as it goes along? It was just my reaction to the show as it was happening. Whether his voice was good is entirely subjective. Sent from my SM-J500FN using Coldplaying mobile app
  9. I guess no criticism of the band is allowed. They're infallible. Sent from my SM-J500FN using Coldplaying mobile app
  10. Charming. What a friendly community we have here. Sent from my SM-J500FN using Coldplaying mobile app
  11. Has Chris been unwell lately? Is that why his voice isn't the best? Sent from my SM-J500FN using Coldplaying mobile app
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