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  1. People ( the news people, not us fans!) sometimes write things like 'why is millionaire Chris Martin sleeping on the floor?" or etc and they forget one little thing: the guy is a human being too. No one cares to sleep on the floor if you are that tired. After all, you are tired and you won't die for doing it!:) That's just the way life works... you're tired, you see the floor, the floor sees you, you sleep on it:) Specially after a death, you feel more connected to humble things... Cheers and Love to all:)
  2. ^ ^ Are you asking people to jump off a cliff? I don't get your sig... Sorry, could you explain it to me? Because it sounds creepy...the picture...
  3. I swear to god I can sing this on time! I'm Brazilian, so the entonations and the way you can "split" the word, because you don't know how to do it the right way, enable you to do such weird singing! I think this guy is for real, you guys...seriously. But I havent laughed this hard in a long time! Have you guys checked that other link on the first page? From that same guy? It's freaking peeing in your pants funny!!!!! ;)
  4. Gilmore Gilrs ( Tv was invented so Gilmore Girls could be on) What is your favorite excuse?
  5. Always, or we will kill ourselves... Was it right to hang Saddam NOW?
  6. Lock, because I don't know what the other one is... No one answered my last "or", so I'll repeat it: Spending most of your time reading and be very intelligent/well read, etc or Going out every night, not ever reading a book, but be a social butterfly and meeting great people?
  7. aw..... Cut him some slack.... He's trying...badly, but trying.... How many of us here go to foreign Forums and try to do what he's doing? How many of us know a second language? Despite english, c'mon! He loves Coldplay...Let's love and accept him because of that... hummm....We are being bad! I mean, I'm crying over here from laughing so hard, but still...;)
  8. Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!! Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get the right lyric to you and post here. Wait a sec. God, you're hilarious. But English is not my first language either, so I can relate to you, instead of just laughing at you... Peace ;) Here it goes: Lyrics: Lights go out and I can't be saved Tides that I tried to swim against Have brought me down upon my knees Oh I beg, I beg and plead Singing Come out of things unsaid Shoot an apple off my head And a trouble that can't be named A tiger's waiting to be tamed Singing You are You are Confusion that never stops The closing walls and ticking clocks Gonna come back and take you home I could not stop, that you now know Singing come out upon my seas Curse missed opportunities Am I a part of the cure Or am I part of the disease Singing you are, you are You are, you are You are, you are You are, you are And nothing else compares And nothing else compares And nothing else compares And nothing else compares You are, you are Home, home where I wanted to go Home, home where I wanted to go Home, home where I wanted to go (you are) Home, home where I wanted to go (you are) (From Coldplaying.com) ____________________________________________________________ Now see if you can understand. If you don't ( it IS a strange lyric), post what you didn't understand. Peace;)
  9. I didn't thought I was until my father's mother looked at my love interest picture and went like "Is that your father?" I freaked out!!!!! But my father has soooo many characteristics that I do NOT look in a man. But I have to say, my father is super cool! But, hummm, I hope not.
  10. God, it's so hot and I have to blow dry my hair straight right now... I don't wanna!!!!!! And I wonder if I it's possible to go to every Coldplay and The Killers and U2 concerts without skipping any of them? And I wonder if someone online is studying this possibility...
  11. Yes. Are you the one who leans to kiss someone (on the lips, people...) for the first time?
  12. I listen to Coldplay everyday. HOWEVER, I'm in love with The Frog Price, by Keane
  13. Amazing!!!!!!! I'll tell my friends those 2 also tonight!!! I'm loving this thread!!!!!!!! How can I use the emoticons? IloveCp, You are so full of jokes!!!! All theones I've read so far are yours!!!!! You must be a fun person to hang out with!!!! Are you in Rio de Janeiro by any chance? :)
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