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  1. My reason for this guess would be pretty bad, but I want to guess, so here it goes. In My Place and God Put a Smile Upon Your Face, because ETIAW ends with a drum solo, and In My Place starts with one, and God Put a Smile Upon Your Face is the next track to it. Or.. The Scientist and Birds, because they are performed after ETIAW in the AHFOD tour typically.
  2. There's this rumor around starting today that Coldplay is gonna be performing in India on November 19th. This lies between the North American leg and the Australian leg, and considering that its a 2 month break, it can be true. Chris Martin is working with an organisation in India, and this is the reason he was seen once in New Delhi, India giving a surprise performance in a bar which no one knew of until the next morning. The reason they were in Mumbai was for the shooting for "Hymn For The Weekend" and had no connection with the organisation. But then also considering that Asian leg hasn't been announced, or Coldplay performing in India before Japan might sound a little odd to me. But I really want to know if this rumor is true or not. http://thebanginbeats.com/2016/07/28/coldplay-to-play-in-india-in-november/
  3. Violet Hill. Fly On is a masterpiece of lyrics and full of emotions. So is Violet Hill too though. :c
  4. Birds is wonderful. So is every other song. But, I'll have to vote Square One.
  5. I vote Hurts Like Heaven. Politik is a beautiful song.
  6. Twisted Logic. "You'll go backwards and then you'll go forwards again."
  7. You got it! I'm sorry, but there was no new riddle, you know?
  8. Something you need for your body to live a healthy life?
  9. What is a mail called that arrives from across the world?
  10. Would go with True Love or All Your Friends.
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