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  1. after 3 tickets the 11th cardiff please seated or standing
  2. already going to the show on the 12th but would like 3 more seated or unreserved seats for the night before the 11th at cardiff please pm me
  3. would like 3 seated tickets for cardif on the 11th many thanks please inbox me
  4. Don't sell to scalpers who will make a profit on these tickets
  5. information required please what time do coldplay start there set and how many songs will they perform also what time will the gates open any information to get 2 face value tickets thanks
  6. any tickets for the kensington sentebale charity concert wanted please face value 2 or 3 required or maybe more as friends want to go as well please private message me with details
  7. hi are you selling 2 tickets for the kensington concert ? if still available let me know the price and details thanks

  8. my son wants to send a request clip to coldplay for the wembley concert anyone know how and where to send them so the video so the clip gets played when coldplay go to the c stage and do request many thank in advance
  9. going to wembley next week anyone know where and how to send the videos for selction for the request part of the concert ? as my son 14 want to send a video in. he has really been inspired by coldplay and his guitar playing has really improved by following codplay many thanks
  10. yes there were on stage c . a complete pint with the plastic cup and some one else threw another
  11. they just play along to there full songs thats why they sound so good . "live" ?
  12. went to see coldplay saturday and sunday at manchester .amazing nights are they playing live to most songs with backing tracks as there a keyboard and vocals the guys are clearly not playing/ there was talk of a off stage keyboard player but i doubted that any views
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