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  1. I haven't been on here forever :dizzy: Anyway, I love this song! Tbh I was extremely sceptical when I first heard about the collaboration because of what Avicii did with True Believer (and that Closer song which hurts my ears). But then I heard it and I was pleasantly surprised. And the more I listen to it, the more I like it. It makes me happy and want to dance. I'm not sure yet if I'll love it as much as ASfoS or if I'll get tired of it in a bit but for now I really really like it. The beat and drop are the worst part and sound like literally every other chainsmokers song ever made. But the melody is lovely and Chris' voice is amazing as usual AND JONNY KILLING IT AT THE END! Jonny is the best part of the song honestly. And I find the lyrics really sweet. They might not be the most poignant but not everything has to be. My interpretation is that it's about staying true to yourself and not trying to change yourself just to win someone over because when the right people come along they'll love you for who you are, flaws and all. Initially he's talking about how as a child he used to read all these books about superheroes and wonder why he wasn't like them and why he was full of shortcomings. And as he grew older that feeling stayed with him. He thought that he had to be something more, had to change himself to please everyone. To feel deserving of the things he has. But then this person comes into his life and loves him for who he is ''I'm not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts. Some superhero. Some fairytale bliss. Just someone I can turn to. Somebody I can kiss". She doesn't want a storybook romance or him to to push himself and prove his worth to her. She just wants him to be there for her as himself. Just the way he is. It's honestly such a sweet song?! Especially with all the lyrics about clubs and loving women for their bodies (looking at you Ed Sheeran) these days. I think the reason I like it so much is because of how earnest it sounds. Despite being a dance song it feels really heartfelt (that might just be because of Chris' voice though, he makes everything sound emotional :3 ) Plus it makes me feel something (unlike PoC for example :p). I wasn't expecting it to because of who the collaboration was with but it still manages to. In this case that feeling is happiness :') Also the boys killed it at the Brits :heart_eyes: I love how easy it was to forget the Chainsmokers existed as soon as the curtain dropped and the boys appeared :') Anyway, off to play the song on full volume and jump around in my room now :D
  2. Hahahaha those posts about X marks the spot really made me smile. I think I'm just as grateful for this wonderful community as I am for the band :) Thanks for being amazing guys <3 And the flag thing is just silly. Nobody is really offended as far as I can tell. We're not quite that butthurt a population :D The only ones making an issue about it are politicians and people who are against the party in power. And I adore the hypocrisy of the situation. It's interesting how this sudden extreme patriotism rises in politicians out of nowhere when they haven't otherwise done shit for the country they claim to love. It's equally fantastic how the ones harping on about Chris 'disrespecting' the flag have been involved in cases of corruption and tax evasion. We can really see how much they love serving the country. Just wanted to let you know most Indians are equally frustrated with all of this. Most people (even the older generation who previously had no idea who Coldplay are) were really touched by how lovely the band was and how much effort they put in. Learning a bit of hindi, bringing on A. R. Rahman (who is a national gem) and singing one of our most patriotic songs, all the Indian influences on the AHFOD theme from the devnagri script to the flowers, Chris praising India every chance he could and seeing more beauty in the country than most Indians ever have and even learning a bit of a Bollywood song. Coldplay were gracious and respectful and I assure you that most of the public realizes that. India still loves Coldplay with all it's heart! :) Thank you so much. That means a lot :)
  3. I haven't been on here since my concert because of ill health. But I was feeling so emotional today and I just wanted to get on somewhere where I could tell people how grateful I am for Coldplay and be understood. I can't even describe in words how much their music has helped me over the last few days. They don't even know I exist but it feels like they're always there and they understand. It doesn't matter how terrible life seems at the moment or if it feels like everything around you is falling apart and you can't speak about it to anyone else because everyone has their own struggles going on, they're just always there. They make me feel like things are going to get better, I just need to hold on. I feel so emotional and messed up and just not like myself. But with help from the boys I'm trying to get it together somehow and at least work on the things that are in my control. It's so strange how much debt you can owe to people you don't even know. Ahhhh I'm going to start crying again. I hope everyone here is doing okay. I'm going to leave before this turns into a rant.
  4. Holy shit!!! Best night ever alhrdhkydv Running to the airport to catch my flight back now. More details to come soon The band was absofuckinglutely fantastic adhghkkk. They pulled out all stops even though it was for the festival. Lasers, confetti, balloons, fireworks everything (Except the xylobands). The setlist was a typical full concert setlist with in my place as the instagram request, gpasuyf, don't panic, heroes, the paradise remix, sky full of stars started with Chris singing a famous hindi song with adorably terrible pronunciation and they did a collab with A. R Rehman on a song Indians adore called vande Mataram (translates to 'I praise you, mother India'). It was such a generous, beautiful thing for them to do <3 I hope Chris doesn't get into trouble because of the flag D: I was so worried as soon as I saw it tucked in his waistband D: there are way too many idiots here with political motivations who will try and use it as an excuse to create a controversy to and somehow use it as leverage against the prime minister :( And the audience was absolutely amazing. At least the ones in my immediate surroundings (I was at the back though and it's mostly the audience at the front who were being recorded so idk). Every single person around me knew every lyric to every song except always in my head, in my place and gpasuyf :P and Chris had asked us to hold our phones up at the start of paradise and then asked us to put it away just before the remix so we could dance. His comment has been taken out of context lol. I haven't watched the stream yet but it isn't impossible that we sound dead there. They sometimes mute the audience so you can hear the band better or maybe the recording equipment was far away idk lol. At least live the experience was amazing, I could barely hear Chris on some of the songs over the audience :'D The band was absolutely flawless. Nobody messed up (well besides Chris ''breaking his guitar string'' and wanting us to do the Charlie Brown jumping bit again :'D). And they sounded so fucking beautiful on every song afhftingtkhe It still feels like a dream adbhfikjf but such a beautiful dream D: And Jay Z was pretty incredible live too! I'm not really a rap fan and wasn't expecting to enjoy his performance so it was a pleasant surprise :D
  5. http://mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com/mumbai/other/The-sheer-magic-of-meeting-Chris-Martin/articleshow/55485759.cms ''Here’s a guy with strong beliefs, but his beliefs are not as strong to prevent him from appreciating other people’s beliefs.'' I wish I could learn to do that as well as the band does :c
  6. First Jonny and now Chris. Fame really has changed the boys :(
  7. Just saw this on twitter. Fetus Chris <3
  8. [MEDIA=twitter]799332601387425792[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://mobile.twitter.com/TajMahalMumbai/status/799332601387425792 I hope someone records this D: I want to see Chris performing with Indian musicians DDD:
  9. That's just because I joined pretty recently and the likes system was already in place on Coldplaying lol. I think we all know who the ones with the real quality posts are on here ;)
  10. Yeah I thought she was great too! I think it might have something to do with the fact that this is a proper news channel interview and not for an entertainment channel like the ones the band usually do. A bit more serious and real than the ones he usually does. Also CHRIS IS TRENDING ON TWITTER ABBFGJBDHHRC LIKE I WASN'T EXCITED ENOUGH ALREADY D:
  11. I know what you mean. Everytime I see something terrible on the news I feel the exact same way. Guilty and undeserving of the privileges I have. But it's important to understand that guilt doesn't really help anyone or do anything productive. Of course, we're much better off than millions of people worldwide but that doesn't mean we don't or shouldn't feel depressed or hurt or fret over personal things.''Even if you're Brad Pitt, if you've got a problem that day, it's a problem''. I mean obviously we need to look at things in perspective and realize that the two problems aren't really on the same scale. But that doesn't invalidate our feelings. It's human nature. We can only appreciate happiness if we experience sadness and both those things are relative. We just need to realize that a lot of what we have are privileges and need to be appreciated and not let ourselves grow immune to the suffering of others. (I hope that didn't sound like complete nonsense. I'm so bad at talking about anything D: ) I think the best way to get rid of the guilt is to just go out there and work for people less privileged than us. Thankfully Coldplay concerts help us do that :D (just signed up for Oxfam) Aww don't feel that way :( I know it's hard to believe sometimes with so much war and death and some elections ( :p) but the world is pretty great. For every negative act there's about a 100 unreported acts of kindness happening. I see it everyday. There's still plenty of wonderful people around doing wonderful things. Just look at the band and all the beautiful wonderful people in the forums :D
  12. Will probably film Coldplay at the festival and upload it. No better description of an amazing day :D
  13. 0:19 to 0:22 he's so precious D: I really liked this interview :D it's great to hear Chris's perspective on why their music sounds different now than it did then. Also, his Sanskrit pronunciation is much better than mine xD
  14. Can someone help me figure out a reasonably easy and effective way to do this? I've tried using audacity but I'm pretty shit at it. I need it to be fairly free of noise because I'm using it for a university project.
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