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  1. It's funny how our decorations match. The card says: Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy new year
  2. Deutsche Post is doing an amazing job. The parcel was wrapped in two layers of plastic bags because of the snow. Please keep on doing mashups! Still giggling about the fact that you wrote "Better than *Noel* Gallagher" next to Jonnys picture [emoji122] How is it even possible? (How tiny are your hands?) It's so cute an will definitely get a special place on my Coldplay-wall. I'm thrilled as well. Lovely to hear from you. It's nice to know that the bookmark and keychain got a new home in which they are loved. Last year, I made the same keychain for me as a prototype and it sometimes r
  3. On another note, I brought my parcel to the post office on November 17th, which was more than three weeks ago. I really hope that it didn't get lost. :cold_sweat:
  4. Wow, this week seems to be the week of the parcels! Yesterday, my lovely surprise arrived! Thank you so much @Moniru for being an extra elf and giving me the opportunity to participate, although I missed the deadline! So everything arrived in this beautiful envelope: Take a look at all the wonderful things she sent me: How cute is this tiny pullover? What you see are just the ghosts of the chocolate because they seemed to have disappeared (yummi!) That's just so much. She even remembered my weird obsession with Frida Kahlo :D The green square is a little book which she hand-craf
  5. This was always the last song at our school christmas parties
  6. It just started to snow outside! :heart: Coldplay magic
  7. Lacking of ideas for comments and enjoying the music ^^
  8. Can't decide. To me the earlier one shows more emotion
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