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  1. Creep - Radiohead Where did you sleep last night? Sent from my GT-I9300 using Coldplaying mobile app
  2. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine - Copeland Sent from my GT-I9300 using Coldplaying mobile app
  3. Hello, Im actually a fan for more than 15 years and had no clue such forums exist :) I have traveled all the way to Berlin to see them this year and the obsession started.. Cant wait till they reveal next year's tour dates <3
  4. I'd Love To Kill You - Katie Melua If you invented a monster what would you call it?
  5. Dancing on my own - Calum Scott What scares you the most?
  6. Hotel California.. The Eagles How are you feeling?
  7. Heroes - David Bowie.. What are you doing up there with the birds? :)
  8. Im sorry I just wrote that so I can use the song's title.. but you're extremely nice, thanks.. :) Usually I feel very happy " In my place", but " Amsterdam" is great to! How do you spend your days?
  9. Im so sad that "Every teardrop is a waterfall" :) :) How's the weather your end?
  10. Morning has broken - Cat Stevens What are you scared of?
  11. November - Rain For how long have you been a fan of Coldplay?
  12. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself - The White Stripes How do you describe Monday?
  13. Birds. Where would like to be at this moment?
  14. Bonnie & Clyde Are you as bored as I am?
  15. Nobody said it was easy..

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