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  1. So I've been in a rental for a month while waiting to move in to our actual house (I'm moving) and, ya know they have cable and stuff hooked up. But we don't really watch TV so for some background noise we just put some music on Stingray. One song in particular has really stood out to me, a few others have of course but these guys know their stuff. They manage to be musically artistic (tempo changes, time signature changes, out-of-key notes) and make some interesting production choices (main verse has a different sound than you'd usually expect, horns and child singing at the end, bridge stays
  2. Every now and again. I probably should more though. Do you speak multiple languages?
  3. Very nice. Soothing and relaxing, short and sweet. The combination of the simple yet hypnotizing piano, the reverby, smoothly produced vocal chops typical of modern indie, and those reversed clips played every once in a while...... the production overall is very pleasing. The perfect sprinkle with the out of key note to give a little dissonance before resolving to the normal song afterwards near the end. Keep at it! By the way though you definitely should change your band name. There's already a rock band by the same name, and they're quite popular too: you'd probably recognize some of the
  4. Listen as the crowd would sing
  5. Not really, gets too messy, there's usually too many people, etc. Sq because I'm very unimaginative and lazy rn
  6. who doesn't? :joy: Do you eat spicy food?
  7. I think that would be "In the Sun" by Michael Stipe ft. Chris Martin. sq
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