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  1. Great playing on that track. One of his best lines.
  2. Alot [emoji23][emoji23] But it's a great song so I don't mind listening [emoji1]
  3. Yes. Yes. Yes. It's a great line I still haven't fully cracked it yet. It's more of a timing issues I guess xD [emoji1]
  4. Violet is up there in his best basslines. I agree his work in vlvodaahf is good. Life in technicolour has a nice line but my favourite has to be death and all his friends.
  5. Shiver line is one of my favourite to play. The contrast between the gentle verses to the pumped up choruses makes it so fun to play! [emoji4]
  6. Major Minus has to be in Guy's top 5 for me. Such a rocky bassline. Really adds to the song.
  7. 1) Up&Up is an interesting line. I agree his little riff during the second verse is cool but i'm still yet to figure it out :pensive: 2) The ending of ETIAW is the best part of the whole song. Guy really turns it on. The way he uses the 1st, 3rd and 5th of the D major and A major scales is fantastic. His craft there was excellent. That part is usually overshadowed by will's amazing drumming in that section. 3)Salute to UATW! 4) Love the line in speed of sound. Guy also does backing vocals live on that one I think.
  8. Everything's not lost in my opinion is the best one on parachutes? Agree or disagree??:)
  9. I love playing birds. It's really upbeat and I you are so right I find myself playing that main but simple riff over and over again.
  10. I'll check out things I don't understand and I ran away. Clocks is a classic. And I agree X&Y has some good basslines too :)
  11. As you can see I enjoy Guy's work on the bass. I feel like the majority of songs he finds the right balance. ON some songs he really steals it like magic, violet hill, sparks. One of my favourite has to be everything's not lost. His main riff on that is amazing. What is your favourite bassline created by him and what is your favourite album of basslines from him. :parachutes::arobtth::x&y::viva::mylo::gs::gslite:AHFOD
  12. I'm sure we can all agree the riff guy created on magic is catchy and really cool. I was wondering what you call what Guy is playing. I know he is playing the E and G string on the bass I just don't know what that technique is called. Any comments are helpful :):gs:
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