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  1. The official forum is being a bloody unreliable nutsack lately, it's down every 15 minutes. oh well, it sucks anyway
  2. When do I get to moderate this place? :twisted:
  3. this WOULD be a nice place to set up camp I am getting quite sick of ten million newbs registering at the official forum everyday and never posting. I can now have a grand total of TWO, count them ONE, TWOOOOO private messages in my box. AND ALL TWO OF THOSE CAN BE IN THERE AT THE SAME TIME! woohooo! damn newbs, thanks for taking my inbox space down to nothign
  4. If fish are swimming on their side they'll be dead soon, I've seen it too many times *throws dead beta fish around the room*
  5. Interpol (not the british blokes with badges) Anyone really getting into this band? Great stuff. If you haven't heard of them, I'd HIGHLY recommend buying their debut album or at least downloading a few tracks. suggestions: Say hello to the angels Obstacle 2 PDA NYC Song Seven
  6. ColdplayBK

    To Ian

    I wonder if I've ever crossed paths with a Coldplayer and not known. Wouldn't that be odd??
  7. Lol, all my beer glasses are empty becuase I drank them all! *hiccup*
  8. Oh, lord, nah. I took a nap and the blanket rubbing against my feet made it worse. ouch. Bird, I ran two miles this morning in combat boots and they didn't let us wear socks. So I have 4 inch open sores on my heels that keep bleeding and pouring this viscous fluid of some kind
  9. Great forum, Ian, it's fantastic. Nice job and all that! It's got this great MacOSX feel to it, superb!
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