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  1. at what point in the show did they perform? its being repeated at midnight and i want to know when to tune in.
  2. they added another date. are both dates sold out?
  3. how much are the tickets going to be from the presale and from ticketmaster?
  4. no idea if this has been discussed but it's been three years!!!!! that's creepy. :sneaky:
  5. sarah**

    *Sarah* xD

    what about the better sarah who hails from canada?
  6. i don't get any robbie site
  7. totally sucks, what the heck is up with getting sick in the middle of summer? i'm on vacation (done work and school doesn't start for a couple weeks) and have lots of things that i'd like to do :(
  8. this season is terrible. <i hope james wins.> i think that this is the least entertaining of all the american big brother seasons.
  9. doves are SO good, i saw them when they were at the kool haus in may and i was pleasantly surprised. however i've never been to the docks and can't say anything about the venue. i would go if i had the money to spend but i don't :angry:
  10. OLP ARE SO BAD. sorry peeps but they are so terrible. they were awesome when i was in grade 7 but the new stuff is shite. but if you haven't gotten the point yet, listen to the arcade fire & broken social scene!
  11. i think maggie will be nominated for eviction next week...
  12. i'm pretty sure when he covered we never change he sang it with Howie Day who is another excellent singer and y'all should check him out.
  13. can you please upload that, i used to have it a long time ago but have lost it having to reformat my comp many times.
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