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  1. Thank you guys, awesome suggestions!!! :grinning::heart:
  2. My friend will be joining Coldplaying but she can't think of a username that is Coldplay related. She wanted to combine her name (Abbey) to a Coldplay song or lyrics. I was able to think of "GrABBEYty", but she doesn't like it. Any one with a better idea. Thank you!
  3. There's no sound, no sound Like this feeling you found like this feeling you found Amsterdam
  4. Listening to a session by Noel Gallagher I was listening to a session by Noel Gallagher Unbroken
  5. 1.36 On the cloud that you’re sitting There’s one born every minute So much to discover I’ve become a believer vs. See You Soon In a telescope lens And when all you want is friends I'll see you soon
  6. I found myself in trouble Thinking about what ain't Never gonna be a saint 'Til Kingdom Come
  7. You want to stop before you begin You want to sink when you know you could swim True Love
  8. You think you'll never get it right But you're wrong, you might Strawberry Swing
  9. In a telescope lens and when all you want is friends Moses
  10. People want to choose They just see it from different views Something Just Like This
  11. R42 interviewed some of my friends for a "documentary".. still wondering though.
  12. They got one eye watching you One eye on what you do Oceans
  13. only got this moment you and me guilty of nothing but geography 42
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