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  1. Death And All His Friends vs All I Can Think About Is You
  2. Please tell what it sounds like! I'm not going to listen to those snippets, waiting for the full song to be released, hopefully soon!
  3. Oh my..... I really thought it was you on there, sorry! Anyway you're absolutely right!
  4. Strawberry Swing vs Amazing Day
  5. Church vs Life In Technicolor
  6. We should tweet it to Coldplay too, maybe we'll be rewarded eventually!
  7. YES LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL PLEASE! Just forget all the haters
  8. Wow, this performance of Higher Power (& Viva) is epic! Thanks for sharing It's great that they zoomed in on Will when he sings, love it! By the way, the Higher Power peformance starts from 41:30
  9. By the way, you're TheEscapist on the L4E forums, aren't you? That's why I commented on your Coldplay related post in the NGHFB section. My username there is NGHFBirds42 (the new one)
  10. Absolutely, This song is soooo good and this version is so beautiful!
  11. Just sharing some great songs/performances by Noel, because he is simply one of the best songwriters ever. Ballad Of The Mighty I, has a great Noel guitar solo You Know We Can't Go Back, one of Noels best songs with catchy choruses Holy Mountain, it's by far Noel's most uplifting (pop) song to date! THANKYOU for writing brilliant songs Noel!
  12. Scientist vs Every Teardrop
  13. I agree with Life Is Beautiful, it's epic! Jonny's guitar riffs lift that song to a completely higher level. They should release a studio version of it one day. It'll sound beautiful and epic for sure. Not sure why many fans don't like it, maybe it's because Chris wasn't always at his best while performing this song live. But the song itself is upbeat, quite catchy and uplifting.
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