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  1. Look at earth from outer space
  2. Shattered windows and the sound of drums
  3. But Chris said (correct me if I'm wrong!) that they would make a ''better version of X&Y'' (so a reworked version) for its 20th anniversary which would be in about 5 years, didn't he? During an interview last year?
  4. Perhaps it did mean 2 April but due to the global situation they changed the plans?
  5. The space in which we're travelling
  6. That is right, the official band birthdate is in 1998! But they started out as Pectoralz in 1996 so maybe the ''24'' refers to when it all began 24 years ago when Chris and Jonny started the band together (not as Coldplay yet)!?
  7. I'm afraid you've gone off the deep end @DJK , it's just Trouble In Town lyrics that are underneath the big letters!
  8. In My Place vs Everything's Not Lost
  9. I'm sure it doesn't say ''where's the love'' at all but it's just the ''BLOOD ON THERE'S BLOOD ON THE BEAT'' line that makes it look like that. I figured it out; So first take a look at that last line from that picture ''BLOOD ON THERE'S BLOOD ON THE BEAT'' typed/written with big letters (from the original line ''there's blood on, there's blood on the beat'') : below the first 4 words ''BLOOD ON THERE'S'' you'll see it says ''trouble there's'' (from the original line ''there's trouble, there's trouble in town'') with small letters. So, the word ''trouble'' stretches underneath ''BLOOD ON''. The words ''there's'' (small letters) is underneath ''THERE'S'' (big letters) but always one letter earlier. Now go to the last 4 words of the line, ''BLOOD ON THE BEAT'' (with the big letters) : the word below/behind the second ''BLOOD'' is simply ''trouble'', pretty much the same thing what happened with the first ''BLOOD'' of that line, the only thing that isn't the same is the fact that ''trouble'' doesn't stretches underneath/behind ''ON''. In brief, these are the words that are on the picture: '' on the beat ..... in ..... town BLOOD ON THERE'S BLOOD ON THE BEAT / trouble there's trouble (underneath/behind it) '' There you go!
  10. Every Teardrop vs Champion Of The World
  11. Phil's good in this, now what does THIS mean!???
  12. You're absolutely right about this, it is remarkable! Thanks for sharing it with us
  13. How do you get things like this!?!? Also, I have always loved Will's backing vocals!
  14. This topic includes a poll, make sure to vote if you haven't voted yet! Oooh, the opinions are divided! It's currently fifty-fifty!!! Do you think Coldplay will add at least 1 brand new song to their setlist for this festival?
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