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  1. The biggest gripe is the re-placements of shots throughout - especially re. the crowd close-ups, which someone else touched on.. It obviously works from an energy and pacing point of view, but 90% of the close-up crowd reactions have been re-positioned/aren't live reactions to the live sound, which kind of ruins the context and emotion, to some degree.. e.g. Clocks kicks in and it cuts to a wide shot from the spider cam of the crowd bouncing wild up and down, then a reverse of the stage with the lasers and the crowd is static.. Obviously the first shot was from another song and just colour graded red to match the Clocks visuals.. The only other issue is the constant cutting to shots from the Milan and Paris shows.. I like the quick nods to different shows on the tour, but a good 15% of each song contains footage from other concerts, which takes away form the whole 'Live in Sao Paulo' All that aside, it's a phenomenal performance/film, which really does capture the whole AHFOD experience
  2. That's exactly the reasoning. If you can lip-sync any song in the set, and get away with it, Clocks is it (Up & Up too). I'm willing to accept this may be a reoccurrence for future tours, however I just hope it isn't Clocks next time around, since well, it's my favourite song.
  3. Personally, I don't see a major issue with it myself anyway. As the audio tech himself put it to me, it's merely a small sacrifice/strategy made to keep Chris's voice in pristine condition so it can sustain the amount of shows undertaken per week for 2 years. Want to witness the entire show live? Then be prepared to see less dates/legs. We can't have the best of both worlds. The tech mentioned how he's worked with Adele etc. and how she's likewise supported/boosted by pre-recorded vocals for sections of the show to sustain her voice for the demand per week date wise. Coldplay are by no means the exception. I'd say the band are fully aware of the pre-recorded vocal - as the tech made a point of how Chris (the band) has final say across everything re. the show. e.g. The roof was closed for the Frankfurt shows due to the weather warning, which as a result, resulted in the worst sounding show on the tour alongside Singapore (tech's words, not mine, though I can testify, the sound at Frankfurt was horrendous), and he stated how it was in Chris's power to have the roof open, despite productions demand for it to be closed, due to the risk of thousands of pounds of lighting/audio equipment being soaked/ruined - of course it remained closed for both shows, but the point stands. It's actually an interesting point re. the roof, as I always under the impression the band would demand for it to be closed at venues where possible, for the sake of the visuals/Xylobands, however the tech said it's always in the bands best interest to have the roof open, for better sound, unless weather permitted otherwise. e.g. Cardiff 1 the roof was closed due to weather, however Cardiff 2 it was open. Food for thought for future tours i.e. Selecting venues with roofs based on the (wrong) assumption the band will close them for visuals.
  4. What's actually interesting re. Glastonbury 2016 is he actually did sing it live, as heard from the crowd recording's below: Note: 02.41 & 03.10 in the video where he screams However the broadcast version uses the pre-recorded vocal Note 4.26 in the televised version, and how the scream doesn't register https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=othUkcLUi4M Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=othUkcLUi4M I actually had both the pleasure and complete luck of bumping into a few of the crew in a bar in Frankfurt after the first show there, and got speaking to one of the audio techs (Jack, if I can remember correctly) for a good hour or so .. A conversation which started from simply being a British guy in a German bar, and seeing fellow Brit's (the crew) in the same place, little did I know until about 20mins into the conversation they actually worked with the band .. Ben the video director was there too! Anyway, after a few drinks with Jack, I rather ballsy and politely asked the question about Chris lyp-syncing Clocks, and while he politely and expectantly said the vocals were live, he did admit Chris's vocal - like every singer - is boosted with pre-recorded vocals for particular parts of songs etc, and how this is both completely normal and required for any vocalist touring worldwide for 2 years (strain of voice etc.) .. So he essentially answered the question re. why Clocks is lyp-synced, without actually saying it was.
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