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  1. Aristotle was the one who invented the celestial spheres
  2. Moon phases must mean something given that they now are in the favicon
  3. So the EL era is officially over. If this is the dawn of a new era or just a transition period is something we don't know. Colors and design see like something too similar to what we have already seen in my opinion.
  4. Soundcloud description from the last snippett: transmission ceased the race is over perhaps no more or no less smdio καλός εἶδος σκοπέω [it means something like "I see a good figure/idea" in ancient Greek]
  5. I don't know if it has been written before, but the whole planet thing made me think about what the music of the sphere is. It was a philosophical theme by the pitagoric school that lasted till the first year of the XVII century. They thought that planets make some kind of music, for their harmony of course, that we can't hear because it has been there since our birth so our mind erased it. Kepler even tried to write it down: So,9 albums, 9 planets, harmony and the perfection of circles...
  6. Thank you, Coldplay, for giving us another mastepiece.
  7. I DON'T want the album, so plesae DO NOT send me anything ;)
  8. For the first time, we are going to have a moment when the album will be officially born worldwide!
  9. It is true that Guy said that there won't be any tour for Everyday life?
  10. Looks like it will last 4:01 mins, almost 40s more than the song
  11. Yes, it's true. Let's say that ETIAW was what they planned as a summer hit for 2012
  12. Ok, so both songs are great. I follow Coldplay closely since the release of Christmas Lights and I have never seen a consensus this wide for new material. But I would like to point at something. For all LPs since Viva, they released first the song that they perceived as the 'structure' of the album. The first song they wrote for VLVODAAHF is Violet Hill, for MX Paradise, for GS Magic and for AHFOD Adventure of a Lifetime. Then, they release the major hit, the one that will be played on the radio, enter on the chart and feature in the Instagram stories worldwide. Of course, I am thinking of Viv
  13. From the official website The 53-minute double album is divided into two halves, Sunrise and Sunset. The album’s cover image is based around a 1919 photo of Jonny’s great-grandfather’s band.
  14. Brian Eno = best thing happen to Coldplay confirmed
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