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    The Scientist
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  1. Yoyoz

    The song Game!

    Say Something - A Great Big World
  2. Yoyoz

    The song Game!

    Up&Up - Coldplay <3
  3. Yoyoz

    The song Game!

    Hypnotised - Coldplay
  4. Yoyoz

    The song Game!

    The Scientist - Coldplay <3
  5. Yoyoz

    The song Game!

    Say you won't let go - James Arthur
  6. Yoyoz

    The song Game!

    Sparkle -Radwimps
  7. Yoyoz

    The song Game!

    New Rules - Dua Lipa
  8. Yoyoz

    The song Game!

    O - Coldplay <3
  9. Yoyoz

    The song Game!

    R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys
  10. Ayyyyy nice to meet you! I know, but I think I missed the last one sadly :/
  11. I have made a post on Reddit weeks ago about listening to Coldplay with other people on an online platform, personally I think it’s a great idea to communicate with people who also love Coldplay so I have decided to give it a try here as well! Original post on Reddit: I have been a Coldplayer for years now but it’s so hard to find someone who enjoys Coldplay as much I do, majority of my friends don’t like Coldplay... or even dislike them... it’s kind of sad but I’m used to it and I respect people’s opinions. It’s a boring Thursday night with me cramming on my uni work whiles listening to Coldplay, it is chill but I feel kind of empty so I thought it would be an awesome idea to find someone (or even a group of people) who appreciates Coldplay and we can listen to it together (maybe singing to it as well? ) The way I’m going to do this is by using plug dj, an online platform that allows you to listen music with other people in real time! The url is: https://plug.dj/coldplayyyyy Pm me if you are interested! I don’t know how this is going to end but I think it’s very exciting! This also gives me chances to make new and Cooldplayer friends :D Little bit about me: 20yo, Male, I’m chill and loves Coldplay
  12. How do I join this listening party?
  13. Thank you! :), I’m still learning on how to use this site :p
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