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  1. Speed Of Sound (Live 2012) vs Trouble in Town
  2. In My Place (Live 2003) vs In My Place (Live in Buenos Aires)
  3. Everyday Life vs The World Turned Upside Down
  4. The thing is that I think you've done a great job, @stephen! I like it a lot and it looks fabulous at first sight. If need be, I'll post my suggestions or ideas for the possible improvement later
  5. From what I've seen, yes. The version of The Race which leaked few weeks ago is generally considered the Ghost Stories version. Why won't we start calling it "The Race (The Kaleidoscope Mix)" from now on? (a credit to @vinny9)
  6. 3. They wear Ratino's clothes to help promote Guy's clothing label
  7. Well, the thing is that I'm not sure how much music Coldplay has made and recorded for the upcoming album so far. Sure, they must have already started doing so last year as Orphans was added to Everyday Life at the eleventh hour and it was supposed to be on the following album in the first place. Also, being quarantined and not being able to work in a single studio together could have made the whole process last longer than it was expected. That's why I think they could release a new single first and wait till next year to drop the entire album. But I'm just speculating because I trust my gut. I might be completely wrong as well so feel free to debunk my statements
  8. Fair enough, you have a point. But Coldplay has always released the first single and an upcoming album within the same year, right? What if it's the other way round this time? I know that this is far-fetched but anything is possible and the band is full of surprises, anyway
  9. I don't think that the band has to release a new album necessarily during the rest of this year. They can release a new single before the end of the year and drop the entire album in 2021
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