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  1. Coldplaying Instagram account has some videos of the show as Stories. Parlopone account also has it. Is it possible to record it?
  2. Would it lovey to see a special show for the 200º anniversary of the Prado Musseum (like the show in London), one of the most important art musseums.
  3. Hi all!! A few days ago I bought a special version of the new album on Amazon Spain that included 4 gift cards. The fact is that it will take a little longer than normal to send and such will arrive at the end of next week, instead of sending it to be home the day it goes on sale ( tomorrow) or to be sent tomorrow and arrive in 1 or 2 days as usual. I have asked in stores here in Spain for that version and they have also told me that it was exclusive online and that it also went with some delay. Do you know why it can be? Maybe they take time to send it because it contains more than just postcards? Is it a distribution failure in Spain? In other countries is this deluxe version of the disc being sent without problems? Thank you!
  4. And there are many differences between the two, or just change a few pages? Is it interesting to buy the second model? or it is not worth spending the money having the other Thank you!!!
  5. Hello everyone. I write this post because I have seen that there are two different versions of the Viva la Vida tour book. One in which one of the blank album covers comes out and another in which the puppets used in the life in technicolor II video clip also appear. My question is if someone knows what differences there are between them, if they differ only on the cover or also inside. I have the first model (the one that does not have the puppets) and I have always felt sorry that I did not have images of concerts during the tour. The other one does? If anyone could tell me, I would appreciate it. Thank you!!!
  6. Well, its friday, the should release another single, shouldnt they? Although this album would have a smaller number of singles than previous albums. Wat do you think? I supose they would release as single Champion of the world and daddy. They are the most "powerful" songs I think. Maybe also Everyday life and trouble in town? But 6 singles I think are a lot for this intimate and simple album.
  7. After having listened to the album twice the rating I do is mostly negative. In the first place we were sold as a double album something that is not, it is a single CD with 16 tracks, most of them of short duration 8 which is not necessarily bad), but that certainly moves away from the concept of album double. They have clearly done as in XY. About the songs, I agree with the opinion shown before "the best" of the album we had already known. The rest of the songs I think are too "simple." There is one that is fine like Daddy's or Adam's. But clearly they are not songs that mark as much as many others from past albums that despite not being singles were sometimes even better than these (as swallowed in the sea in XY). The best song without a doubt and by far Arabesque. It is a pity that the rest of the album did not follow that retro and oriental roll, it would have been something very cool. The feeling I have is that this album is a kind of "tailor's drawer" (as we say in Spain), where they've gotten from songs discarded in the past (like arabesque itself or Adam's piano part), small ideas or styles that they wanted to try (acoustic songs, songs of only chris and choirs ...) and of course a commercial single to sell as is orphans. A record clearly aimed at fans but I think that both because of the way they had to sell it at the beginning and because of its high price it tastes like something bittersweet. No doubt listening to it, one understands why they are not going to tour with him and probably because next year they will release another album as announced. I just hope they put arabesque on the setlist of the next tour!
  8. Do you think they would release a second single this week, before the Album is on sale?
  9. Well, for me the short duration of the album is something quite disappointing. We had been promised a double album, and it really is a single CD with 16 tracks in just 53 minutes. Basically an XY 2. Apart from the fact that the songs could be better or worse (I don't know what to think because Orphans seems to me that it is to continue with the worst of AHFOD and MX) I think it is very short-lived and that certainly does not resemble what they themselves they had told. This adds to the news that there will be no tour for this album, which means that even if the rest of the songs are in the Arabesque style, they will be stuck in a drawer, like much of their previous discography. Next year we will presumably have another album with commercial music that will continue with the AHFOD ... anyway.
  10. Hi! Could someone send by PM the two new songs, please? I know that they were on internet yesterday xD
  11. The truth is that as far as we know it is not a double disc, but a single disc with two parts, as they did with XY. I think someone else has said it before, the album is short enough to have 16 songs. I'm afraid we'll see how in MX several songs that really are introductions to others or transitions. A little disappointing. I thought it would be two albums complemented but separated.
  12. Well after listenning the two tracks on BBC Radio... Orphans: I think is like the continuation of AHFOD. I hope that the rest of the albums would be different because I dont like it. I think its again the same from MX and AHFOD. Maybe some details are different but is the same style and type of song... And I suposse that is the onewhich the radios would put on their programmes. Arabesque: I love that and I think represents a good way to change the sound of Coldplay. Some different between the classic rock and the pop-electronic which rules now in music. I like Mike Oldfield and instrumental music and I think that could be a very interesting style to experiment for Coldplay. I hope and wish that the rest of the albums (at least one of them) would be like this song. I´m afraid because I think this song would not be known by the non-fan people. I,ve read some pages ago that some people has the flac archives of the new songs. Could someone sends to me by PM please? :) And about the single release. Do you think they would put on sale a Cd? or just this limited edition vynil? Cheers
  13. Do we know if we will have tomorrow (or next week?) a single realease in cd or vinile? Or is only a digital release?
  14. Well... there are a lot. One of the most beatiful I would say is Viva la Vida in the 2011 tour, with the piano intro. Politik its also fantastic.
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