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  1. Completely agree with you. I dont know why they release matterial after we have bought it that could be inside the CD/vinyl and release it only online. As a fan Im very dissapointing with that. I think they sould look after their fans and include this special bonus in the CD/vinyl, that are the conten which is mostly bought bay fans instead of the streaming and digital editions...
  2. I´ve created a Poll so that we can measure the general perception of the fans with this album, you can vote here:
  3. Hi everyone! We have been talking about the new album for weeks and commenting on our ratings (and magazine reviews) in different threads, but I thought it would be interesting to know quantitatively the rating of the album that Coldplay fans make. So be free to rate in this survey how good you think the new album is :)
  4. Thats the point. EL has been their best album since Viva la Vida. Many people hoped that they will continued this road...
  5. I think part of the criticism comes from the expectations behind EL that Coldplay had returned to its original sound (which is not the same as always doing the same thing) and in the end one finds that an album has been made markedly to sell . This is the case, a warner boss already warned us at the beginning of 2020. It is a complex matter, but I think that in the end trying to make music that everyone can like (which is what they have been playing for a long time) makes you lose your essence in a certain way. The subject of the collaborations would give for a long debate. My percep
  6. After AHFOD Chris said that they wont release more "conventional albums" and I think he has kept the promise, so I think the next albums will be similar in this point. About the Vol. II, I hope will have a opposite direction and sound from Vol I, because this have been, sadly, awful...
  7. Maybe its a future EP or single between MOTS vol. I and II.
  8. I think is probably they will play some EL songs as they did with GS in AHFOD tour. I hope to hear Arabesque live... Trouble in Town and Champion of the world I think could fit good in the setlist. Moving to Mars, ALIENS and most of XY would also fit very well with this album "aura". Another tour full of hits would be awful in my opinion, they should do something more balanced. Politik and Violet Hill could also return to the stage after their break in AHFOD tour.
  9. Hi! Is it not possible to make a poll in the forum? It will be interesting that all of us could vote how good is the album and make a average of that. Because hte post we write quickly became burried by others. What do you think? Now, the average of the reviews is 5,6/10
  10. Again other hidden post... I think is maybe to write so many album names? I dont know, I think moderators should fix that, because its very annoying wasting time writing post that after nobody can read...
  11. As we say in spanish "¡Bravo!" 👏👏 I think the point its not doing another Parachutes or XY. Nobody expects that. But, as you said, we knoe Coldplay can do very good music: Arabesque and Coloratura show that and I think that are probably the best songs they have made in the last 10 years. We have another songs like Problem in Town, POTP or most of Kaleidoscope EP that show us how can sound Coldplay if they have continuated the road they had in Viva la Vida (in fact, I think that most of the best they have released in these years are demos and stuff from Viva la Vida like Arabesque, AL
  12. Of course everyone have its own opinion. Its what we do here. For me most of the album are bad. Maybe others like the style of the songs, its ok, but not me. I would like to write more, but my poor english dont allow me to do that xD But we have to think that if there are some bad critics in this forum (when with El all we like it) and most of the reviews are very agressive with the album and suspend it with califications below the 5, maybe that is for some reason. Its easy to see I think.
  13. I cant understand why do you see in "infinity sign" that most of you like this "song". Its jus synthesizer and people saying "olé olé". With the critics, I think that the point its not that they do new music or different styles. They have been doing that since the begginning. The main problem here is that what they do is, in general, very very bad. Its a very poor album. Very short and with lot of ¿padding?, I mean, songs that you fell that should not be there cause they dont mean nothing, are emptu, like Infinity Sign. Coldplay, and specially Chris Martin, has entered in to a
  14. Well, I think Guy is very honest and sows everything very clear with this album. Coloratura could be what the band whis to do and the singles and collaborations impositions of Warner...
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