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  1. Again other hidden post... I think is maybe to write so many album names? I dont know, I think moderators should fix that, because its very annoying wasting time writing post that after nobody can read...
  2. As we say in spanish "¡Bravo!" 👏👏 I think the point its not doing another Parachutes or XY. Nobody expects that. But, as you said, we knoe Coldplay can do very good music: Arabesque and Coloratura show that and I think that are probably the best songs they have made in the last 10 years. We have another songs like Problem in Town, POTP or most of Kaleidoscope EP that show us how can sound Coldplay if they have continuated the road they had in Viva la Vida (in fact, I think that most of the best they have released in these years are demos and stuff from Viva la Vida like Arabesque, AL
  3. Of course everyone have its own opinion. Its what we do here. For me most of the album are bad. Maybe others like the style of the songs, its ok, but not me. I would like to write more, but my poor english dont allow me to do that xD But we have to think that if there are some bad critics in this forum (when with El all we like it) and most of the reviews are very agressive with the album and suspend it with califications below the 5, maybe that is for some reason. Its easy to see I think.
  4. I cant understand why do you see in "infinity sign" that most of you like this "song". Its jus synthesizer and people saying "olé olé". With the critics, I think that the point its not that they do new music or different styles. They have been doing that since the begginning. The main problem here is that what they do is, in general, very very bad. Its a very poor album. Very short and with lot of ¿padding?, I mean, songs that you fell that should not be there cause they dont mean nothing, are emptu, like Infinity Sign. Coldplay, and specially Chris Martin, has entered in to a
  5. Well, I think Guy is very honest and sows everything very clear with this album. Coloratura could be what the band whis to do and the singles and collaborations impositions of Warner...
  6. I'm sorry to break the general positive climate towards the new LP, but after a first listen I have to say that it seems quite weak. I see it with the defects of EL (too "experimental" and heterogeneous) and AHFOD (too pop and empty sound). It just gives me the impression that there is half an album left over. I read many praising the song of the infinite sign, but what do they see? it is a monotonous synthesizer sound with people shouting in the background and very softly "olé olé" as if we were in a bullring or a football match. Musically what does that contribute? I see that
  7. Good question! jajajaja Its strange not hearing anything about the new LP from those who has already a copy, isnt it? If I had the LP I wpuld comment here y impressions. I couldnt listen to it and after shut up.
  8. Me too! I hope that the Epiphane edition will arrive early... I dont understand how we can receive the My Universe Single after other people recives the new LP which is not out yet xD
  9. Exactly! I´ve heard albun leaks of coldplay in the last 10 years and I´ve bought every LP, EP or Single they had released. The point is that, exactly, we are very excited to hear new music from them :)
  10. I see in social media lot of messages about people who doesnt want the new album to be leaked and I dont understand why. Nobody forces you to listen the new album before de 15th, but what is the problem to other people listening it? And what is the difference with people who has now the CD and can listen the new album before all of us? I assume that all of us will buy the new album, even if we got the mp3 files earlier. But if we can listen the album the 11 or 12 better than the 15th, isnt it?
  11. Its strange that the album hasnt leaked yet. Specially when we know that some people have it xD I dont understand if this is ironic or not. I think some people critize the album because the change in the sound and type of music over the time in coldplay. My Universe, for example, its very very different from other colplay songs.
  12. I understand the policy of the forum, although nowadays it is something unavoidable. And if the album has been obtained legally it is not something so "dirty", in the end everyone here is going to buy the album, maybe even several versions of it, so I don't think it affects Coldplay or their sales much. I will only say that tomorrow I have something very important and I am very nervous, so if someone with information could send it to me privately I would greatly appreciate it ... and I will not say more :)
  13. This planet has a satellite. Maybe that means that this song will have a hidden track?
  14. Hi! I´ve ordered both singles edition the day they came out. I recived an e-mail the past week, in wednesday and other in friday telling me that they have send the two singles (they were bought separately). I have not recived neither of the singles yet, two weeks before the release of them... Its something quite strange, because this monday I recived another e-mail as I just bought another single of My Universe, but the coldplaystore only shows the two orders I did. So, I dont know how this web works...
  15. I thinkt that they have show all the collaborations of this album. Let Somebody Go will be single, its clear. But I suposse that we will have at leats a 4 singles in this album, so maybe People of the Pride (which have other target different) could be. Some singles are released before the LP.
  16. Me too!! I think it has a good reception in the fandom, as Coloratura.
  17. One question with this, what time, normally, do you recive the products that are in pre order in coldplay store?
  18. As the previous LP, I will download it to listen as soon as possible (despite the criticism there is always a lot of hype with new albums jejeje) and the 15 October I will buy a CD in a local store. If I like the album I will buy some extra merchandasing, I´m still waiting to the My Universe singles to arrive at home jeje
  19. This is funny because the sound of the last 10 years are very similar. The sound and the structure itself, with chorus in all songs... Chris also said after AHFOD that they wouldnt do more conventional albums and now we get this LP full of collaborations and radio-pop singles, so... xD I wrote yesterday a post but is again "hidden". I dont know why xD I´m not going to write twice the same, is true that Coldplay now likes (specially Chris) to make pop music. Ok, they can do whatever they want or like, is fantastic. But we have also the freedom to say if what they do is "go
  20. They cant sound exactly as in their first albums, thats make sense. But They can choose to make music that looks like an evolution from their old jobs. One good example is People of the Pride, that show us how can they sound if they wanted, with a more rock sound. Maybe the point is that they (and I think Chris and Will specially) love make pop music. Its correct, and obviously they are free to make the music that they feel or like, but that cant meaning zero critics and always clap what they do (Im talking in general). I (we) know what they can do, and I think that we have to demand
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