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  1. November 5th, from the taxi cab drivers license in the trouble in town music video πŸ˜‰ Remember remember the 5th of november?
  2. Looks solid to me. This is my kind of crazy 😎
  3. i mean they did just go back and redo lovers in japan ^^
  4. Ok try this theory on for size! ^^ Not sure if this has been pointed out yet....BUT This year is the 20 year anniversary of Parachutes and the 24th anniversary of Coldplay. 20 & 24 = 2024 Could we be seeing a reworked version of Parachutes?! 😈
  5. Again, spending way too much time looking for MOTS clues in Everyday Life Booklet lmaooo What does the symbol below the hot air balloon look like to you? Also a random side note, on the lyrics of Trouble In Town, to me it looks like you can read "Where's the Love" printed below the lyrics. Maybe I've gone off the deep end though ahhah
  6. Ok so I've randomly gone down a rabbit hole, trying to figure out this FFTF 2024 thing, and got side tracked by the trouble in town music video. I noticed the taxi cab driver has a qr code on his license, but it's too blurry to scan. Is there a version of this video in higher quality 4K resolution? May be nothing, but worth a shot lol
  7. Anyone have a PDF or epub copy of the Mylo Xyloto comic?
  8. Chris just mentioned they have a new song called UFO coming out. UFO was a song on Mylo Xyloto so I think that supports the theory that the new album is connected to Mylo!
  9. I wonder if Coronavirus will delay any tours...
  10. I labeled it and made some notes. Did I get all the planets right? Also, what is the body connected to the sun?
  11. This would explain why they changed some of their greatest hits to black and white on youtube at the beginning of the Everyday Life promo.
  12. https://www.sandiegosymphony.org/performances/coldplay-v-beethoven/
  13. https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?attachments/113f79f7-1c5d-4cea-a07c-068335e9b326-jpeg.10829/&hash=fd0980fb8fbaa371d1a51081d3872972
  14. If anyone wants to meet up and say hi or grab a coffee before any of the shows, lemme know!
  15. On Friday? 7:00 I believe. On Saturday, no details yet./
  16. Luckiest week of my life. Have tickets for Saturday, my friend just won us tickets to the 300 person show on Friday, and have tickets on Tuesday There ticket gods have smiled friendly upon me this week!
  17. wow no way, congrats!
  18. Do you have a free +1? I’d be happy to pay for both tickets to be your guest :)
  19. I got waitlisted? Anyone get a code and have a spare spot for a guest??
  20. Ill be trying to make the 2nd show too! Though the hollywood palladium recently removed the event from facebook, so im guessing they weren't supposed to post it yet.
  21. I'm unable to view the first link due to my location...Could this be referring to the show on the 18th?
  22. havnt heard about Chicago? Where’d you hear this?
  23. Thank you! My flight lands in LA the day before haha, unfortunately, this one is probably going to be super exclusive
  24. do you have a link to info?
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