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  1. Here's a quick, rough pitch-corrected edit of Biutyful with the chipmunk voice mitigated as much as I was able to. Hopefully that gives a slight bit of peace of mind to those who hate the chipmunk voice lol. Personally I don't mind it at all, and it's one of my favorite songs off the album!
  2. I cannot stop listening to Biutyful, I don't get it lol. I like it overall as a song, but I don't like crazily love it or anything (I think, maybe that's in the process of changing!). Something about it is just a VIBE. I've literally had it on repeat now for the past 2.5 hours straight!
  3. Might be a minority opinion, but I like the type of experimental music in this album WAY more than what they were trying to achieve on Everyday Life. I only liked a few songs from Everyday Life to be brutally honest, but this one I like most of em!
  4. I do wonder if people actually care about songs like those on albums, that are 30 or so second long, or even include them in their music playlists. I guess it's a little dismissive of me, but I immediately disregard those types of filler intermission/interlude-type tracks whenever they're on albums, no matter how much I like the artist.
  5. Ugh, I want to hear Biutyful so badly! For some reason I get the feeling that one will be one of my favorites if not my favorite from this album based on the snippet!
  6. I kind of like how it's more of just a mellow vibe. No lyrics or acoustic guitar needed imo!
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