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  1. Bandicam screen recorder? You're talking another language to me, haven't got a clue!
  2. Don't know how, website is in Chinese and I'm rubbish with computers!
  3. Perhaps I'm wrong but the leaked version I heard from Ghost Stories was much slower. This is pacy, lasts 5 minutes exactly and could have alternatively been called Kaleidoscope
  4. If you're on the site and listening to it the Ghost Stories version is much slower. This version is 5 minutes long and could have been called Kaleidoscope due to the prominence of the lyric towards the end of the song
  5. Nope, not a troll, not kidding. Look for yourself. [...]. About 4 or 5 pages into Google if you search for Coldplay the race. Not keen on sites like this but it's there and has the race, but I'm not posting the link. Links not dead and it's not been taken down, listening to it now
  6. So, after hearing various snippets of The Race, I heard the full version of "The Race" this morning through a Chinese web site. Not the Ghost Stories version or the Merry Clayton version but The Music of the Spheres version. Have to say it's become a fantastic song with a great beat and works well with the kids singing in the background. My only hope now is that Coldplay get on and release it. I'm more than happy to buy and download it rather than listen to it through some dodgy web site. I think a sure hit for them.
  7. Definitely a whiff of "Back to the Future" about all of this. Everyday Life teased the date 1919 and Jonny's grandads band. The teaser for Music of the Spheres teased fftf and 2024. Fftf, fit for the future which is an environmental lobby? Chris also mentioned Michael J Fox and said "go Johnny, go, go, go" during the band's live Jordan performance and the movie is a favourite of all the band. Think the 2024 is just a hypothetical date.
  8. Dyson did have some links to Einstein and the guy at the piano may be a very young moustacheless Einstein (looks like him) although in 1919 think Einstein would have looked older?
  9. The guy on the left of the poster is Sir Frank Watson Dyson, an Astronomer royal who organised an expedition to see the solar eclipse to Brazil in 1919
  10. Suggest listening to Amphora by John Hopkins on YouTube. Despite him saying otherwise I'm a chinaman if it's not midnight
  11. Pepperfish

    Count to 1

  12. Then perhaps they shouldn't muck about with anagrams spelling out Coldplay 2018 and hinting at unreleased music in their name "unsold ideas" and Parlaphone weighing in about signing a new group. Just keep the 2 things completely separate!
  13. Whether they're Coldplay or this Los Unidades i thought the guys had a policy of not releasing anything unless all 5 of them.had voted for it unanimously? For Christ's sake this gets through and not "The Race", "Left, right, left, right, left" , "Car Kids"etc. Guy and Will ok to throw a spanner in the works of some of these songs and not "e i e i o (Old MacDonald had a farm)"
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