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  1. Kapone, Once again you surpise us all. Excellent tab for "Brothers and Sisters" so far. I don't know how you do it so fast.
  2. Kapone, I have been searching on the internet for literally months trying to find the tab for "Brothers and Sisters". I actually gave up a few months ago, so I don't know if any new tabs have surfaced, but the main websites I check do not have them. There are 2 studio versions of the song. One of them has the acoustic guitar in the beggining, while the other one starts out with the main melody in electric guitar with some delay effect. Anyways, if you could tab the version with the acoustic guitar in the beggining, I would be so greatful. You don't even have to tab the whole thing,
  3. Well, I am grateful that I did get tickets, but I am still bitter... The thing is, I woke up at 9AM CST waiting for the tickets to go on sale (yea, i know it was 10AM CST, but this was the first time i bought tickets on ticketmaster, so i didnt know for sure if the tickets would be sold at CST [even though the FAQ said so]). Anyways, my friend and I both got online thinking we would get amazing seats. I went ahead and tried to order 6 tickets off the bat for the $69 section, because i was asked by a group to order tickets instead of everyone doing it on their own. My friend on the other
  4. I will be there. I got tickets in the Center row KK. I'm still trying to move up, but i highly doubt it will happen.
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