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  1. OKAY... So, I came across and made plans to go to Bonnaroo because of another artist that's playing there but quickly noticed that Radiohead is headlining it... and then I was informed about this new album thing... So, when's it supposed to be coming out? Has there been a release date set? General time frame? This pretty much makes my year.
  2. It might have then, but today... it hates me. It's given me a nice, very, very irritated bump. And it really doesn't want to go away. Maybe tomorrow will be brighter... for the piercing.
  3. So... I got my nose pierced almost 2 months ago. And really, I've taken every chance I've gotten to show it off. However... I'm encountering complications so this is back when it wasn't being such a bitch: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v296/facedownholes/Friends/Senior%20Year/18th%20Birthday/Nose%20Piercing/NosePiercing.jpg
  4. I'm from Springfield!! And was planning on going to Oklahoma City... but I don't have tickets... So, I'm sort of looking for someone to kill so I can have possession... Do you get what I'm saying here?
  6. Well shit, son... I'd kill someone to go, but I'm still hunting down my way of getting GOOD tickets and not tickets to a section that they're not even selling tickets for... Amazing how the arena works, huh...
  7. I put mine in a make up bag and it's not like they checked it... they just looked inside of my purse and that's it. It was too easy. Security saw it... so many people had them... and they didn't do a thing.
  8. I'm so excited for Death Cab!! ...You need to tell me how in the hell you got floor tickets to Coldplay. We were going to get them... and they were gone. Just VANISHED. I need to find a way... Need to... Oklahoma City, Chicago, Omaha, Dallas... I don't care... I'll go to either...
  9. ...Coldplay tickets aren't going so well for me.
  10. So, here's my deal... December 16th-Death Cab for Cutie in Kansas City Decembet 17th-Ben Folds in St. Louis February 27th-Coldplay in Oklahoma City March 30th-Coldplay in Chicago (Maybe...) I think my level of awesomeness is increasing by each concert ticket I buy this month.
  11. Hmm... Someone that doesn't leave at the first sign of distress in the relationship...
  12. I understand. I'll pick another option for my admissions essay.
  13. Yes, but... I still don't get it.
  14. lol That was... nice, but seriously! Okay, it's an essay option for a college application. I just don't understand it.
  15. I'd love the insight. I don't know what is meant by it and I need to know.
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