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  1. Sorry to go off-topic, but does someone have the files of the above mentioned thread of Baidu? Could someone please DM me with a link! Can't seem to get it working on Baidu. Thanks!
  2. Good news! I remade the remix so it is available to download again 🙂
  3. Probably The Scientist and Yellow. I wish to be incorrect though.
  4. No it isn't. As said before here, spherea is sphere in latin.
  5. Not sure if it's a joke. I have tried to decipher some tweets, but most of them are quite hard OR just a troll. The account seems pretty fixed on the 7th of july, so let's wait and see if that's true...
  6. I've deleted my last post due to a searching error on Coldplay's website. My apologies.
  7. I'm guessing the profile picture / website design change is a transition switch from EL to their next project. Ahhh I can't wait :))
  8. A remake of a song that already exists. UATW will also get a 'remake' so it's the same treatment.
  9. I think MOTS is also connected to other albums. Because the leaked part of Legends (early AOAL) fits the UATW remake that Chris was talking about.
  10. Believe me, it takes quite some time, but it feels very rewarding! EDIT: Sorry let's get back on topic. I think Flags is a great song, and hope this is the style they go for with their next album (and hopefully we hear Life is Beautiful then haha)
  11. I would actually love Will to death stare me. Can someone PM me please? Thanks for the great moderation. I have been a forum moderator for years and I understand the pain of deleting so many posts haha. <3
  12. Parachutes: Spies AROBTTH: Amsterdam X&Y: White Shadows VLV: Strawberry Swing MX: Us Against The World (Silver bird) GS: Always In My Head AHFOD: Amazing Day / Everglow EL: Champion of the World / Eko
  13. Also: Listen to the sound of Church at 2:00, and then listen to the sound of Everyday Life at 2:34! It is exactly the same! :D
  14. Check it out here: https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/church-x-everyday-life.126073/
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