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  1. You can hear his voice snapping to the right notes, he's def singing good as well, but the snapping (and not gliding to those notes) give away that it's autotuned. Yeah it's so disappointing, I guess we'll have to wait at least a year to experience the 'real' live Coldplay.
  2. I really don't care if Worthy Farm is pre-recorded and not "realtime live", but I just hope the pre-recorded video is the band playing live, not any pre-recorded tracks (and of course there are instruments in the background not being played live so they are pre-recorded). I think there was a quote from Anchorman that everything you see being played is 100% live, but all the other things aren't. (That super logical haha). But that isn't true sadly -> Clocks on AHFOD, Church in EL, HP, ...
  3. Okay but now we're mixing things up What I was talking about was the voice track of Chris that was not "live". It's obvious that the Idols and Brits performances were not a live broadcast, and that they were pre-recorded videos. That's fairly logical I think. EDIT: Nevermind I just read the original message in the Brits thread and we're in the same boat haha
  4. Also, is it me or are the performances also heavily auto tuned? Not that it's a very big deal, but it's def the first time I notice an auto tune on Chris' voice. https://youtu.be/kiqEEr7CK2g?t=100 (timestamped)
  5. Not sure if it's mentioned already but I find it "disappointing" that both the live performances (Brit and Idols) aren't live at all. The two voice tracks of Chris are exactly the same (extremely noticable sighs at the exact same times, ...). It could be that the Idols version was live and the Birts was lip synced (because of the fireworks and filming) but I hope the Glastonbury show is 100% live and not Chris lip syncing over a pre-recorded track. (Like Clocks in the AHFOD tour)
  6. Can confirm this is not true. The ceiling was just a normal building ceiling? And the ambience was like Everyday Life live in Maida Vale. Not a single ref to MOTS (except for the shoelaces haha)
  7. In 48 hours we have the song haha, but yeah I expect a leak tomorrow. Nevertheless, I'm excited!!
  8. I'm really sorry to burst your bubble again but I'm fairly sure there's nothing hidden in these YouTube videos. Its just the YouTube watermark that you can assign a picture to. Some videos don't have it because it can be turned off as well and that will just be a coincidence. The image/tweet from Kathryn refers to a troll I believe.
  9. I don't think so, I'm sure these are messages FROM aliens TO earth. Especially because of the "Kaotican Transmission Incoming..." message.
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