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  1. I agree on people skipping out on the opening act. At the Hartford show, I just felt bad for the person singing. He was so off-key. There was just a white spot light on him and Coldplay's equipment in the background covered with tarps. They could have at least given him blue lighting or something more exciting. . .
  2. Oh also, I loved the techno music that was on before the show. If anyone finds out what it is, please post! And. . . tonight a Boston radio station was broadcasting the Boston concert live (I only caught the last 4 songs, but it was the same order as Hartford). So, hopefully someone will turn it into MP3's.
  3. I was at the Hartford show too! After being at the Boston buzz show, it was great to actually know the songs off of X&Y. They were awesome!! I also loved the acoustic version of Don't Panic and the ending to Clocks was great! I love Jonny and I thought he was so cute when he sang back and forth with Chris to the crowd (even though Jonny was so off-key at the end). I also thought Chris was funny when was on his knees singing with his arms up to Jonny and he changed the words to one of the songs (can't remember it now) and said something like "please Jonny don't go solo" and they bo
  4. Sorry about the spelling... I'll take my chances that she didn't read this post and get offended that I got it wrong :) ...she probably would be offended I post about stalking her from Star Magazine :)
  5. For those of you like me who enjoy the Chris and Gwen gossip : ) --- The USA Star Magazine showed pictures of the movers moving them out of their New York 4-story brownstone on (around) May 26th. No pictures of Chris or Gwen, but it said they were there and overseeing it all (Chris was in NY for MTV/VH1). The brownstone sold for 7.5 million.
  6. If anyone finds anything about sales across Europe, can you please post it? I am so happy for Coldplay that X&Y is projected to be at 600,000+ in the US. . . especially when a lot of the press is criticizing it.
  7. Read this on the LA Times Website... "Rock appears a cinch to recapture the (USA's) top spot next week, according to retailers. Coldplay's "X&Y" got off to such a fast start when it went on sale Tuesday that it should easily top next week's sales list, possibly hitting in the 600,000 to 700,000 range." I hope for Coldplay's sake its more like 1 million! also in a different article... "This week, many expect "X&Y," the latest from the English band Coldplay, to be the top seller. But that doesn't necessarily mean huge numbers right away. The band's last album, released when i
  8. Oh I didn't know they were married too! Lucky women :) Do you know if they have children??
  9. Do Guy, Jonny or Will have girlfriends they mention? Just curious :) I knew they had girlfriends before, just wondering if that is still true.
  10. Thanks. This site is awesome. I can't believe I hadn't found it sooner!
  11. I read some article about Coldplay where it said "What If" was clearly about Chris singing to his daughter, Apple. I personally thought it sounds like he is singing to his wife. What do you think and have you read/heard anything that supports either?
  12. I love What If! Although this doesn't seem to be everyone else's favorite. It was amazing live!
  13. Hmm Hmm...maybe I got it wrong. I could have sworn it was Jonny. :) Oh well...I'll stand corrected. I also liked when some girls threw up what looked like panties...and Chris said he was a f'ing married man and didn't need all these temptations on the road :)
  14. I just found this website, so I wanted to share my stories from Boston in May 2005. I saw Coldplay at a small buzz show (a club with about 1,000 people). They were amazing and I can't believe they would even play such a small venue!! Even though the new songs were unknown at that point (aside from Speed of Sound and Fix You), they were incredible live and the crowd were into it. As mentioned on the Colplayer on their website, they had some sound techincal difficulties. At some points the band seemed really nervous. When they were trying to fix their ear pieces, Chris joked to the audi
  15. Hi Everyone! I just found this site and love it! I saw Coldplay at a buzz show in Boston, MA USA on May 13th. They were amazing!!! The new (and old) songs live were incredible! I am so psyched to be seeing Coldplay again on August 4th in Connecticut, USA!
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