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  1. Are you guys serious. How has anyone NOT mention Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury's voice is thousands of times better than anyone else who had ever lived.
  2. its been a couple weeks lets give this thing a bump
  3. And heres the proof...ha ha ha ha!!!! http://www.guitartabs.cc/fetchfile.php?fileid=6258479
  4. Pixies Cecilia Ann Allison Ann Havalina Velouria
  5. thx fif and reily. reily ur songs are realy good as well. Sunbeam is actually my personal fav. Has alot of Sonic Youth / Late Radiohead influecne to it
  6. i use a program called Guitar Tracks Pro 3. I do play the drums, however i use many drum looping programs in addition to that. thx for the comment
  7. It's a bit unfair saying that. Nintendo have put out some masterpieces in the last few years... Just play Zelda: OoT, Zelda Majoras Mask, Zelda: The Wind Waker, Pikmin 1&2, Paper Mario... etc. And that doesn't include 3rd party games like Metroid Prime 1&2. And I have only mentioned a few games. I think the Revolution sounds the most interesting, and if it looks good when the reveal it more I'll be going for it. Metroid was a first party nintendo creation I dont see how anyone cna make a statemnt like Nintendo makes crappy games. Out of this generation the most acclaimed ga
  8. ya jackled, there r no lyrics, whihc mighr explain the reasons y u didnt hear them ;) Thx for the comments guys, i apprectiate it. I have 20+ songs recorded, and ill post some more NOTE: for those w/ slow cpus, u might be better off right cliking and saving
  9. i added both you guys
  10. http://www.myspace.com/kida197
  11. ^is cool cuz she greeted me on the newbie board
  12. the only prolem was they started like 1 hour and a half late, and the opening act wasnt great. But the place went nuts when square one started
  13. would that be animals?
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