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  1. Amazing video. Can't wait for the Arabesque one and the rest of the album!
  2. I still can't belive what I just heard! It is mind-blowing!:heart: Orphans gives me a lot of AHFOD vibes, and I think Arabesque is one of their best songs ever, I f*cking loved it. This album is gonna be fantastic.
  3. OMG This is so amazing! Some days ago I said sth similar about the sun and moon and both albums, I like to think I kinda predicted it But I love the way the new Era is starting!
  4. Just checked out their Youtube official account and found out that the number of uploaded videos changed from 220 to 221, so they added a new video. I don't know if anyone realised before. For me it is all getting so confusing...
  5. Wow, just woke up to this and I can't still believe the new era is so inminent!! I wonder if we'll have sth else today, maybe the new single (I think I'm being too hopeful:confounded:). But yet I strongly believe that Monday will be the day.
  6. In my phone it still appears highlighted
  7. Thank you! I've been such a big fan for a lot of years now. Everything that's happening those days is too interesting for me not to participate in the debates.
  8. Hi! I'm new here but I've been reading this whole thread for some days, so sorry if I say sth that has already been said. I've been thinking about the sun and moon symbols and I thought of the possibility that maybe each one belongs to one upcoming album. I mean, maybe the moon is the symbol for LP8 and the sun for LP9, and they are just announcing both albums at once. Just a theory, but I see it pretty likely.
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